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Love boats? Set your sights on a career on London’s river

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Peter Green

Peter Green

Visitors to London’s boat show next week will be able to find out how they can turn their passion for water in to a career by hearing about future opportunities from Jobs in Maritime.

Job seekers interested in working on London’s river in particular will also be able to find out about marine roles that will be created from building the city’s ‘super sewer’, which will start next year.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel, known as the ‘super sewer’, is a 25km tunnel that will run underneath the River Thames to help tackle the current sewage pollution which spills in to the tidal river. Over its eight-year construction period, the project will create more than 4, 300 direct jobs, plus another 5, 000 jobs indirectly through the supply chain.

Jobs in Maritime, specialists in employment opportunities and recruitment in the maritime sector have been appointed as the chosen partners to maximise the employment potential being created from this project.

This will start at London’s Boat Show on Thursday, January 15, and will kick start a series of events in London and the South East of England.

Visit the ‘Connected Suite’ South Gallery 7 at the Excel between 11.00- 19.00 hrs.

The wider UK maritime economy provides more than 890, 000 jobs and generates around £56bn of UK GDP.

Peter Green, Chief Executive of Jobs in Maritime, said: Ensuring the project creates a lasting legacy for the people of Britain, and in particular maritime workers, makes this much broader than the primary objective of creating a cleaner, healthier river.

“We also want to ensure there is effective liaison to support continuity of employment and long-term skills development for all candidates who registered their interest via Thames Tideway Connect.”

Roger Bailey, Head of Asset Delivery for Thames Tideway Tunnel, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to be part of the rejuvenation of the river economy in London. Our project will be helping to bring back jobs on the river and putting the maritime industry back on the map.

“We’ll be helping to ensure all staff working on the river are trained with the necessary skills so this can be a sustainable career for life, not just for the time we are building the Thames Tideway Tunnel.”

Anyone who expresses an interest in working on the Thames Tideway Tunnel using the websitewww.jobsinmaritime.com, will be kept up to date with opportunities as they arise.

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