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HFW Briefing: Ocean Victory Court of Appeal decision

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January 2015

Abnormal occurance clarified in the OCEAN VICTORY Court of Appeal decision

The surprising and somewhat controversial finding in the first instance judgment of the OCEAN VICTORY that Kashima Port, a modern and sophisticated port with a first-class safety record, was unsafe was overturned on 22 January 2015 in a judgment handed down by the English Court of Appeal.
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Our shipping lawyers provide a comprehensive service to the global maritime business community. We have over 200 lawyers and 19 Master Mariners worldwide, specialising in maritime law, reflecting our long involvement in this field.
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Dispute Resolution

Our principal strength is our experience and expertise in international litigation, arbitration and alternative forms of dispute resolution. We have specialist dispute resolution teams in all of our offices, regularly handling high-value, complex, multi-party, multi-jurisdictional disputes.
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