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Hot Port News from GAC

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GAC 01072014Rhode Island Pilotage Restrictions
February 19, 2015, United States, Providence, Rhode Island

Due to significant ice accumulation in the region, until further notice all vessel transits inbound/outbound Providence, Davisville, and Mount Hope Bay will be DAYLIGHT only, and scheduled as below:.

Pilot Boarding Hours for Brenton Reef Pilot Station:

* 0530-1445 for vessels bound for Providence and Mount Hope Bay

* 0530-1545 for vessels bound for Davisville

Sailing Hours (Last Line) from Providence, Mount Hope Bay & Davisville:

* 0630-1545 for vessels sailing outbound Providence and Mount Hope Bay

* 0630-1630 for vessels sailing outbound Davisville

Conditions will be monitored, and restrictions augmented or reduced as appropriate.

For information about operations in the USA contact GAC USA at usa@gac.com

Update to Horsepower Restrictions
February 19, 2015, United States, Chesapeake & Delaware Canal

The Captain of the Port (COTP) Delaware Bay is notifying mariners that Ice Condition II has been modified to include HORSEPOWER RESTRICTIONS in the C & D Canal.

There have been reports of ice formation that may impact navigation throughout the COTP zone. All masters, ship agents, owners, and operators of all vessels, marine facilities, and marinas should review and adhere to the following Ice Condition II procedures for the Delaware River and its tributaries, the Delaware Bay, and NJ and DE coasts:

* Only steel hull vessels may operate in the Delaware River north of the Betsy Ross Bridge, in the Salem River, and within the Chesapeake and Delaware (C&D) Canal.

* Steel-hulled only vessels with a 1, 500 minimum shaft horsepower and with integral or recessed keel hull coolers or upper and lower cooling intakes may transit the C & D Canal.

* Vessels should be able to maneuver unassisted through the ice without needing to stop, back off and ram the ice.

* Vessel moorings should be checked frequently to ensure the vessel is adequately moored.

* Vessels at anchor should maintain their engines on standby at all times when ice is present.

* Vessel sea chests should be checked regularly for ice buildup and precautions should be taken to ensure that the sea chests are kept clear.

* Vessels at anchor should ensure that proper bridge watches are stood at all times.

* Mariners are cautioned that buoys may become extinguished or dragged off station and minor lights and day beacons may become destroyed due to ice.

* The COTP Delaware Bay may establish additional requirements for specific geographic areas of the COTP Zone if conditions warrant such restrictions.

Refer to the website for additional information regarding ice operations within the Sector Delaware Bay zone at http: www.uscg.mil/d5/sectDelawarebay. Updates to ice conditions can be heard by calling the Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay Ice Hotline at (215) 271-4995.

Mariners are also requested to keep the Coast Guard informed of any major ice developments, or discrepant Aids.

(For information about operations in the USA contact GAC USA at usa@gac.com)

Source: U.S. Coast Guard, Sector Delaware Bay, Marine Safety Information Bulletin #7-15 dated 18 February 2015

Naval firing practice
February 19, 2015, India, Mumbai

The Navy will conduct firing practice from 0800 hours to 1400 hours on 24 February 2015. During this period, there will be no shipping movements in the Mumbai Harbour. No anchorages will be allotted during this time.

All vessels anchored in the inner harbour will be required to vacate the anchorage by midnight 23 February 2015.

No ships will be allowed to be anchored in the firing area from coastal batteries at Middle Ground, Oyster Rock and Colaba Point.

(For information about operations in India, contact GAC India at india@gac.com)

Submarine Outfall Inspection Works
February 19, 2015, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

From 22 February and for approximately one week, submarine outfall inspection works will be carried out [off the Black Point Power Station] within the area bounded by straight lines joining the following co-ordinates (WGS 84 Datum) from (A) to (D):

(A) 22 deg. 24.746’N / 113 deg. 54.142’E

(B) 22 deg. 24.710’N / 113 deg. 54.182’E

(C) 22 deg. 24.602’N / 113 deg. 54.065’E

(D) 22 deg. 24.645’N / 113 deg. 54.024’E

The works will be carried out by two derrick lighters. One tug and one work boat will provide assistance.

A working area of approximately 50 metres will be established around each derrick lighter. Yellow marker buoys fitted with yellow flashing lights will be laid to mark the positions of the anchors extending from the derrick lighters.

The hours of work will be from 0800 to 2000 hours. Vessels employed for the works will stay in the works area outside the hours of work.

Diving operations will be carried out from time to time during the hours of work.

Vessels engaged in the operations will display signals as prescribed in international and local regulations.

Vessels navigating in the vicinity should proceed with caution and keep clear at slow speed, bearing in mind there are divers working in the area.

(For information about operations in Hong Kong contact GAC Hong Kong at shipping.hongkong@gac.com)

Source: Government of Hong Kong SAR Marine Department Notice No.25 of 2015

Tropical Cyclone Marcia (Update 19 February 2015)
February 19, 2015, Australia, Gladstone

Category 2 Tropical Cyclone Marcia, with sustained winds near the centre of 95 km/hr and wind gusts to 130 km/hr, is within 30 km of 19.9 deg. South, 152.1 deg. E, estimated to be 385 km north-northeast of Yeppoon and 555 km north of Bundaberg and moving south-west at 23 km/hr.

Marcia has been moving through the Coral Sea towards the Queensland coast in a south westerly direction. The cyclone is expected to maintain this general motion through to landfall on the eastern Queensland coast between St Lawrence and Bundaberg early tomorrow (Friday 20 February).

Destructive winds of up to 150 km/hr may develop about the coast and islands near the centre on Friday morning. Gales are expected to develop about coastal and island communities between Mackay and Double Island Point, and adjacent inland areas from Mackay to Monto, during today in the late afternoon or evening.

Abnormally high tides will be experienced today and Friday with water levels expected to rise above the highest tide of the year on the high tide.


Gladstone Anchorage has been evacuated. All vessels currently in the Gladstone Harbour will be removed and put to sea by late this afternoon. The Regional Harbour Master has ordered the evacuation of the Gladstone Anchorage from 0600 hrs today (19/Feb).

The Regional Harbour Master has advised his intention to close the port at 1800 hrs today (Thursday 19/February) when the Port Goes onto Cyclone Alert.


Australian Reef Pilots (the reef pilotage company for Hydrographers Passage) is expected to suspend all reef pilot transfers by helicopter to/from Hydrographers Passage this afternoon and will review the situation again tomorrow morning.

For information about operations in Australia contact GAC Australia at shipping.australia@gac.com

GAC is a global provider of integrated shipping, logistics and marine services dedicated to helping customers achieve their strategic goals at the highest levels of quality, safety and compliance.


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