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John Faraclas

John Faraclas


Greece: what next…

I am sure you all know about the Mutiny on the Bounty, and many of you have seen the 1962 film… Now we see the Mutiny on SYRIZA following a statement by Manoli Glezos, a SYRIZA MEP at 91 years old and a hero of Greek Resistance during World War II. Of course there isn’t smoke without fire and given the pre-election declarations, manifestos etc of SYRIZA, nothing has happened; in fact, nearly a month after the elections and as yet the coalition SYRIZA/ANEL Government hasn’t nominated the ministries’ General Secretaries… I guess a party thirsty for power and real change, ”logically” would have had everything in full order…correct me if I am wrong! John Faraclas writes:

Now I am not going to bother you much on the negotiations, the Eurogroup and all that jazz; these are not negotiations, following Glezos’ statement… add that officially we read and listen that the negos will start now (from today Monday onwards when the Greek side lists what they have to deliver), with many, if not all issues still at stake, and we wonder: what next.

The majority of the Greek public and many, millions from other nations not only in Europe, but worldwide, do stand by our government’s effort – better say they stand by the Greek People, but we are appalled by their negotiation “skills” and “tactics”, not to mention tactics ridiculing our nation’s pride and dignity; it wasn’t just like this that Ulysses come in the mind of Homer creating the Iliad and Odyssey…you dead well know what I really mean!

Wearing one of my caps, that of an international ships sales & purchase and shipfinance shipbroker and having a great experience even when the going gets/was tough and amongst others winning with my colleagues an international legal battle, not just against all odds, but introducing the proper right to defend an issue which others, for other reasons had and believed they were proper, until we proved we were on all counts right,  I am insulted like many Greeks and friends of ours worldwide with the way our nations’ dignity is expressed and treated, the least insulted by some of our own countrymen, and “wonder”: what next? Same applies from the attitude others (I clearly mean Greece’s lenders and the Germans in particular) have against this Greek problem which themselves have created.

It is appalling to understand the great number of pathetic people amongst us who are hampered and made miserable by the malady popularly called: Inferiority Complex! We owe nothing to be victimised as individuals and as a proud Nation by any of them no matter from where they emanate from! On this point I suggest to both ”combatants” to study again (if they have or haven’t done so in the past), Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics! Besides remember that respect is more desirable than power; try to interpret this during these days that Greece negotiates its future for the next one hundred years! If 1933 was a bad year, 2015 will be even worse for all nations if logic and pragmatism don’t prevail. I am referring as in many of my notes and messages to Aristotle, who was the closest of all, a specialist with an interest, like no other into marine biology and his use of biological analogies in discussing social life.

One important issue which we have numerous times referred to is that of the “causa proxima” of the so called Greek debt. The international press and media has so far failed to “understand” how and possibly why this debt was created at the first place! Once again: Under which proviso the lenders continued to lend for forty years? Add also that now, the current powerful north of Europe under the hegemony of Germany, who also calls the shots, dictates its terms, strangulating the Greek people (never any Greek politician) and others too – their turn will soon come, prompts me of saying that money and power, however obsessive, have ultimately been a means to a more intimate purpose…

The Greeks united we have always a purpose; just to remind to all involved in this scam, that we, the Greeks  became the world’s leading shipowners because the Ottoman occupation shut off our opportunities on land… This serves as a notice to all, that we know how to defend our existence and if you like it our business corner…

Let’s see in a few hours how the suspense continues. Meantime never forget that Greece for many millennia now has produced some successful movements; one important law of movement dynamics is that the movement is never contained by political events – it is propelled by them. Add that one thing leads to another in geometric progression. For sure you can imagine and understand that imagery knows no boundaries! Not for fun, but for reality’s shake, read the Sane Revolution, the poem by D.H.Lawrence, and see how your conscience reacts, even in 2015!

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