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It’s good to see the BDI …sized up at 524 !

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4th Capital Link Annual Shipping & Offshore CSR Forum

John Faraclas; making his points more than clear…

Now what do you make of this unexpected rise of the BDI even at plus 8 points? Has it anything to do with yesterday’s FTSE record at 6, 949.63? That was great, a great record given that the last one was in the previous millennium on 30 December 1999 at 6, 930.2. And what made the FTSE record? The Greek “deal” ? or Janet Yellen’s ruled out rate hike, or the oil companies shares going up…? Imagine when the Greeks explore their rich oil fields and start exporting oil and gas – and that’s a fact!

For the record the capers went down five points at 529, the panamaxes and their respective BPI up five at 519, the BSI was also up six points at 496 and yes the BHSI fifteen points at 289! Let’s see if the year of the Sheep favours the…ships!

The wets with mixed pickings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) stable, no change at 838 but the cleans a good 20 plus at 638!

The Box trade is good and the LNG very promising. Shipping for the few though and YES, we endorse this, for the most capable ones! It is about time, as the new kids in the block and the Nouveau riche – interested to enter our business, distorted the market twice in thirty years! Add what is to come to those “unsecured” listed companies… and see what you get! Lastly good news from mining giant BHP Billiton who slashed  its capex  for 2015 to US$ 12, 6 billion.

With all eyes to Europe and Greece, wrongly in my humble view, Germany and France not to mentions others are really defaulting, you dead well know what I mean, with Obama vetoing the Keystone pipeline bill (wonder why…), Bank Scandals yet to come and Russia on a defensive mood (you know what do we mean by defence, don’t you), slowly slowly and with the addition of getting soon rid of ISIS  – the drums of war can be heard. That’s what shipping wants. We do not hide behind our figure, we know what we want: War father of all.


Repeating and reminding you our view: Isn’t time we see Germany submitting reform plans too to the EUROGROUP? And what about transparency issues!!!

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