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Silverstream Technologies announces first commercial installation of its air lubrication system

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silverstream_logo_rgb_300Meyer Werft ship yard conducts first commercial installation of the Silverstream® System aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line vessel with an option on a further two vessels as industry looks to further improve operational and environmental efficiencies.

London, March 9 2015 – Silverstream Technologies, pioneers of air lubrication technology for the shipping industry, today announced the first commercial installation of its Silverstream® System on the Norwegian Cruise Line vessel Norwegian Bliss, scheduled for delivery in Spring 2017 from one of Europe’s leading yards, Meyer Werft in Germany. There is an option for two further Norwegian Cruise Line vessels to be fitted with the Silverstream® System.

“Despite the recent decline in fuel prices, new sulphur regulations in Emission Control Areas still mean significantly increased fuel bills for the cruise industry, ” said Christer Karlsson, Senior Vice President, Newbuild, Norwegian Cruise Line.

“In conjunction with the importance of constantly improving sustainability, it is therefore critical that we look at viable opportunities that improve operational and environmental efficiencies, driving down fuel bills and reducing emissions. The Silverstream® System is an example of such a clean technology that can genuinely make a difference, ” continued Karlsson.

The Silverstream® System produces a thin layer of micro bubbles that creates a single ‘air carpet’ along the hull of the vessel. This reduces the frictional resistance between the water and hull and improves the vessel’s operational efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions. The technology can be added to a new build design, or retrofitted to an existing ship within just 14 days.

Commenting on the announcement, Noah Silberschmidt, CEO, Silverstream Technologies, said:

“It is a landmark moment for the company to secure a significant order from a leading cruise operator, which will be installed and delivered by one of the world’s most respected ship yards for technology and innovation.

Not only does this highlight the Silverstream® System and air lubrication as an applied and sustainable clean technology, it also demonstrates the industry’s culture and desire to improve their operational and environmental efficiencies as a means of reducing emissions, fuel costs, and improving the sustainability of their operations.”

About Silverstream Technologies
Silverstream Technologies – previously known as DK Group – has pioneered air lubrication within shipping for over ten years, and has invested significantly in the research and development, and testing of air lubrication for ships. The Silverstream® System reduces frictional resistance between the water and the hull surface, dramatically reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions. The Silverstream® System is unique in that it is the only proven air lubrication technology that can be retrofitted in 14 days, as well as being applicable for newbuildings. It lasts the lifetime of the ship, is complementary and can be used in conjunction with other clean technologies, and return on investment is typically between 12 and 26 months.


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