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East and West African ports without quay Cranes discharge and load in real-time with arl-shipping.com’s Crane Executor

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ssce scheme bigUsing handheld devices at the quay side, stevedores at a number of ports in East and West Africa handling port calls with vessels’ own gear, log the discharged and loaded containers with the Sea Side Crane Executor app from arl-shipping.com, passing handlings confirmations to the shipping line during the calls.

HONG KONG, 03 MARCH 2015 – touch screen powered handheld devices with the Crane Executor app operated by stevedores on the quay side or onboard the vessel during handling, works in synergy with arl-shipping.com’s cloud app, receiving discharge and load instructions from the shipping line by EDI, and passing move confirmations to the shipping line continuously throughout multi-days calls, improving timeliness and data quality of the shipping line reportings, as well as saving time and effort by removing redundant manual work.CF-FO-07

Provided that the shipping line is capable of interacting by EDI, the local stevedore only need to invest in handheld devices with net connectivity (3G, WiFi etc), and is then able to manage the discharge and loading operation in real time from the quayside; no local IT systems are required, as the handhelds interact with arl-shipping.com’s Crane Executor cloud app, which in turn interacts with the shipping lines by EDI.

arl-shipping.com’s, Director, René Bendt, states “public mobile connectivity is often readily available also in ports, which have not yet themselves invested too much in infrastructure, and this provides an opportunity for us to add value to the handling operation with a cloud app working in synergy with a handheld app”. He continues: “aside from the obvious benefits of time savings with the stevedore and the liner agent, removing the need for any post-call paperwork and manual work, the shipping lines are able to issue export Bills of Lading earlier, benefiting their export customers’ trading process and cash flow, as the liner agent receive the loading confirmations minutes after the physical handling has taken place”.

CE-BO-01In preparation of the port call, the shipping line’s discharge and load instructions, as well as bayplan with onboard containers, are received and made available on the touch screen operated handheld devices used in the port. The stevedores confirm the planned handlings in real-time with a minimum of typing, adhering to logical validations safeguarding for example that containers are only loaded in empty and available slots.

As a side benefit of using the Crane Executor cloud app, the current status of the handling operation is available in near-real-time for stevedore and liner management throughout the vessel port call 24/7, and post-call handling recaps for invoicing or statistics are automatically generated.

For additional information on Sea Side Crane Executor, contact Evgeny Drokov or visit www.arl-shipping.com/ssce, and the related Crane Logger Android app, www.arl-shipping.com/cl.

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