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Dynamar: for the first time ever, the seaborne transport of fresh produce exceeded 100 million tons in 2014!

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Dynamar is proud to present: 
Dynamar REEFER Analysis – Market Structures, Conventional,  Containers
Main issues characterizing the Reefer Year 2014 include: increasing co-operation between fruit traders and container carriers – an ongoing shift from conventional to containers – the M&A virus doing the rounds. And furthermore: same to slightly higher rates – slowing conventional scrapping – lay-ups and fresh charters – new reefer container routes. Will the upgraded design for a Reefer Ro/Ro vessel cause a turning point for the conventional segment or is the box bound to conquer?
  • Perishables shipping – historical and technical developments
  • Perishable products and volumes – comprehensive worldwide trade statistics
  • Reefer port infrastructure – an extensive overview
  • Conventional reefer vessels versus and reefer heavy container ships – a comparison
  • The dedicated (conventional) reefer ship fleet – a detailed analysis
  • Conventional reefer ship operators – profiles of the fifteen largest
  • The reefer-heavy container ship – reefer container carrying capacity analysis
  • North-South trades box liner services – unique overview and trade capacity analysis
  • (Reefer) container ship operators – profiles of the fifteen most relevant
As usual, Dynamar’s REEFER Analysis applies the most recent trade statistics on reefer commodities, by country and area, supplemented with up-to-date port, vessel, box and carrier fleet statistics. It delivers a profound insight into the background, characteristics, goings and present status of the worldwide perishables shipping market and its most relevant players.
 Available in the following formats:
 PDF/Download: EUR 915
 Printed / Bound: EUR 935
 PDF & Printed / Bound: EUR 1, 000
This Dynamar REEFER Analysis report can be ordered from our website, where you can download a (free) Contents and Index Overview:
Alternatively, please call/email our office where a member
of our team will be happy to assist you with your order:
Telephone: +31 (0) 72 514 74 00

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