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From the pre-dinner reception drinks and dips

From the pre-dinner reception drinks and dips networking …arena.

Once again the modest but vibrant WISTA-Hellas Annual Dinner and Dance 2015 event took place earlier on at the Athens Hilton Hotel with over 300 members, guests and friends of one of the shipping industry’s best associations! 

Angie Hartmann and her team produced a great night, good not only for networking, but good for stimulating discussions, as we were told, on the prevailing nowadays Greek saga and conversely the future of the entire Greek shipping cluster!

Today within the WISTA ranks all shipping professions are included, one of our industry’s greatest gender achievements. We are proud of our Women in Shipping, and as Hellenes, more that proud and content! We are happy to see and deal with them booth on board and ashore, and that says it all.

A view from the dinner

A view from the dinner

The Shipping spectrum is changing with the nicely and timely participation of Women and we hope for better days soon! From Academia to Maritime Zoology women excel!

We at ALLABOUTSHIPPING are proud as members of WISTA-UK and also that we have on board this media platform many women contributors from the International WISTA fraternity, needless to say staunch supporters!

After an interesting networking pre-dinner drinks reception, the tasty dinner, the raffle and dancing until this very moment that these lines are written in the closing hours of a busy London Friday, we promise to bring you soon all that happened tonight. And good to hear and see from pictures too that new and young members are participating and joining-in! Interestingly the media too were more than ever present there in full force; excellent!

Nigel Lowry, Irene K. Notias and Konstantina Morou

Smiling faces: Nigel Lowry, Irene K. Notias and Konstantina Morou

Good to read that part of the proceeds from this event will go to charity; a more than needed and thoughtful initiative!

Lastly we hope that Greek Women at WISTA and those in Cyprus’ WISTA will become the spearhead in streamlining Hellenism’s future and return to productivity and development after these last seven years of austerity and financial credit crunch, not to say other situs! The latest also AGM in Cyprus foretells how capable women are! Cheers to WISTAs, Cheers to WISTA-Hellas!

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