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Business leaders show strong confidence in sustainable growth opportunities

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unnamedBusiness leaders all over the world feel strongly about their ability to turn sustainability challenges, such as water scarcity or the dependence on fossil fuels, into new business opportunities, particularly in the manufacturing and inance sectors of emerging economies. This is one of the key indings of the Global Opportunity Report published recently by DNV GL, the UN Global Compact and Monday Morning Global Institute. The new report is based on a survey and consultations with more than 6, 000 public and private sector leaders in over 21 countries.

“Businesses across the planet are not shying away from global risks such as climate change, and increasingly recognize the positive beneits of seizing the related opportunities. The report conirms that […] private sectors are now a critical driver of sustainable development with emerging economies in the front seat, ” said Dr Georg Kell, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact.

Innovative ideas and solutions
In addition to the 6, 000 leaders surveyed, 200 ex- perts from eight countries contributed to the Global Opportunity Report, which identiies and ranks 15 sustainability opportunities according to public and private sector interest and potential impact on societies and business. With the new report, the partners aim to demonstrate how global sustainability challenges and risks can be seen as opportunities. As an open innovation platform, the work enables stakeholders worldwide to explore and seize sustainability opportunities and solutions across risk domains and regions. The report identifies more than 120 readily available solutions.

Opportunities in water innovation
Business leaders see untapped and proitable opportunities especially in solutions addressing water scarcity and promoting green consumer choices.
“I believe one of the clearest signals in the survey is the conidence we see in our ability to address water scarcity. It is a grave problem that affects hundreds of millions of people globally and the competition for water is seen as a major obstacle to health, growth and prosperity. This inding also makes me optimistic that we’ll meet a global development goal to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, “ said Dr Henrik O. Madsen, DNV GL Group President and CEO.

Private sector more optimistic than public sector “The report indings are encouraging and concerning at the same time, ” said Erik Rasmussen, founder of Monday Morning Global Institute. “The strong interest in sustainable business opportunities in the private sector is very positive. Yet, the governmental sector seems to be more reluctant. Business and governments must share visions and initiatives.”


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