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GE Marine’s LM6000 gas turbine models…

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LM6000PG transparent backgroundGE Marine’s LM6000 gas turbine models receive Lloyd’s Register design appraisal to Marine Naval Vessel Rules

EVENDALE, Ohio (April 23, 2015) – GE Marine announces that its LM6000 aeroderivative marine gas turbine PC and PG models have received Lloyd’s Register’s Design Appraisal Document to the Marine Naval Vessel Rules (NVR).

The LM6000 is the most fuel-efficient simple-cycle gas turbine in its size class, delivering over 40% thermal efficiency. The GE LM6000PC marine produces 42 megawatts (MW)/59, 900 shaft horsepower (shp) and the more powerful PG model has an output of 52 MW/70, 275 shp.

“With the LM6000 Lloyd’s Register’s Design Appraisal to Naval Vessel Rules obtained, GE offers customers gas turbine-based propulsion solutions for a myriad of additional marine applications including military combatants, ” said Brien Bolsinger, Vice President, Marine Operations, GE Marine.

“The LM6000 already has a reliable track record in marine and industrial service logging more than 21 million operating hours. Over 1, 110 PC models are used for land-based power generation, driving LNG compressors and on marine floating production storage and offloading ships, offshore platforms and power barges, ” Bolsinger added.

Both LM6000 models produce low emissions, can operate on a variety of fuels and offer customers reduced maintenance costs, increased availability and superior reliability.


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