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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our eighteenth weekly recapitulation of the shipping markets, their respective main indices and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015, tonight Friday the 1st of May 2015, with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in Athens.

  • The BDI was down four points since yesterday at 587 points and 13 points since last week’s 600!  Is the unexpected showing its ugly face?  
  • The BCI moved up nine points at 574 which is also 29 points plus since last week’s 545 points!
  • The BPI was down 11 points at 647 and 38 since last week’s 685 points. Tremors…
  • The BSI was down four points since yesterday at 621 points which is three points down since last week’s 624 points
  • The BHSI was down three points since yesterday at 340 points which is eight points down since last week’s 348 points…

So, all in all, once again a repeat of last week’s weak market and suggest you be on guard. Most of the dry tonnage need US$ 2, 000 per day from the company’s coffers in addition to the freight earned…to break even…

Again, a “different” story altogether for the wets; the figures are falling

  • The Dirties and its BDTI index was down 14  points at 754 which is 30 points down since last week’s 784 points…
  • The Cleans and the respective BCTI was up seven points at 606 but down 11 since last week’s 617 points…

We reiterate our view that this is still a good time to enter and or acquire tonnage if you can afford to keep same until the market turns up! Shipping becomes Shipping of the few and soon of the very very few…

Another mess in geopolitics; things are going worse:

  • Ukraine: As said last week the situation enters phase three; will Odessa become the next focal point? Russia is beginning to flex its muscle westbound… Caution!
  • The Greek saga, a saga known to its full extent only by very few people, will produce more tremors in the months to come!!! Whatever the results, with both sides playing games against the entire Europe’s People’s interests, one thing is for sure: An asymmetrical hit will give the solution! It doesn’t mean that all Eurozone Member  states are right in trying to dictate their terms to Greece’s new regime, but also this new regime must grow up as mistakes are not allowed, given what they have been saying during their time in opposition. We remind you our special para of last week: “ Greeks are being pestered in Europe with respect to their country’s debts, but having said that there is a scam against Greece which we have explained you numerous times; secondly the current Greek government doesn’t have the guts and the experience to negotiate. The show off must end here and now. No elections or referenda are needed: ONLY a team of aristos to run the country until it stands back to its knees.- I fear hell coming out with these Greek negotiators.” For a start, as we have foreseen what happened in the last part of this quote, there have been some changing in the order , person-wise of these negos!
  • The Migrants tragedy must end here and now; ENOUGH hypocrisy!
  • The UK Elections, in less than a week will most probably change a lot of things in these islands…The combatants are neck and neck… and yet another coalition is on the cards!
  • The Nepal Earthquake disaster continues…total devastation! Tsunami on ice!
  • Nasty things happening in Baltimore USA. Caution!!!!
  • Africa in turmoil too. Caution here from all sides!!!
  • The Greek Shipping Hall of Fame event last Monday in Athens’ Hilton Hotel was more successful than expected! I am sure many got the message (appropriately)!
  • Many conferences are coming up, amongst them: EXPOSEC in Athens 5-6 May (important for National Defence and Security Strategy in today’s changing world);  INTERTANKO 45th Anniversary with a super Conference on 19-22 May and other events in Athens; ESPO 2015 in Athens 21-22 May… Check our UPCOMING Events button on top of this page….

Let’s see how you will spend your long May Day – bank holiday weekend…

The summer period begun: Visit Greece and its Islands and have the time of your life; visit the United Kingdom too as these two island nations rule the waves and they have a lot in common!

Viewers can also  listen to the live video herebelow:


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