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Louisiana International Marine signs on with Helm CONNECT

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Ron deBruyne

Ron deBruyne

Victoria, BC – Today, software developer Helm Operations announced that it has signed on offshore rig moving and ocean towing services company Louisiana International Marine (LIM) to its Helm CONNECT Preventive Maintenance software. Louisiana International Marine operates 6 tugs that are ABS classed hull and machinery, A1 towing, and ISM certified.

“We chose Helm CONNECT because they [Helm] made it easy to do business with them. First off, their preventive maintenance and compliance software is the easiest we’ve ever seen, and secondly we didn’t have to wait weeks to get a price quote from them, ” said Anthony Roberts, Manager of Marine Traffic / Operations for Louisiana International Marine. “They’ve been transparent and responsive throughout the entire process.”

Ron deBruyne, CEO and Founder of Helm Operations said he was excited to be working with Louisiana International Marine. “We are inspired to work with tug companies like Louisiana International Marine who take such pride in their safety and compliance practices.” deBruyne also mentioned he was pleased that LIM’s team reacted so positively to the simplicity of Helm CONNECT.

Helm CONNECT is intuitive for workboat personnel because it’s designed and developed through direct consultation with real life users, like port engineers, crew and shore-based personnel. “The result is intuitive maintenance software that’s real easy to use, ” said deBruyne.

deBruyne expects lots of interest in Helm CONNECT because workboat companies are trying to innovate in order to proactively record maintenance as well as reduce complexity with compliance reporting. “We keep hearing that they want something that’s easy to use to manage maintenance and close the loop on compliance. That’s what Helm CONNECT is all about.”

Said Roberts of LIM, “We’re looking forward to a long and productive relationship with Helm.”

Helm recently launched a free trial of Helm CONNECT and has since singed up over 100 companies for free trials of the preventive maintenance software.

About Louisiana International Marine:

Louisiana International Marine, L.L.C. is a family owned and operated marine transportation
business. Founded in 1974, the company has grown to become a leading provider of offshore
rig moving and ocean towing services for the oil and gas industry. Their fleet of tugs are ABS
classed hull and machinery, A1 towing, and ISM certified.

Since their inception, Louisiana International Marine has managed all aspects of offshore marine transportation, including tugs, barges, supply & crew boats. LIM specializes in ocean towing and has performed numerous offshore towages without major incident.

About Helm Operations:

Since 1999 Helm Operations has been developing software solutions for the workboat industry. Helm CONNECT is the flagship product of Helm Operations that makes preventive maintenance and compliance easy. It’s the workboat industry’s first app-based, web-based, role-based software system designed through user experience principles, which makes it intuitive for use by everyone in a workboat company.

Helm Operations is a subsidiary of ClassNK, one of the world’s leading classification societies, dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the maritime industry, and ensuring the safety of ships, their crews, and the marine environment.


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