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Ship Efficiency Weekly – The Essential News

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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: ClassNK Tackles Ballast Water Management System Bottleneck

In this week’s spotlight Fathom interviews ClassNK’s Executive Vice President, Mr Yasushi Nakamura to find out how ClassNK’s unique 3D software modelling capability aims to shorten the ballast water management retrofitting process from 7-10 days to 1-2 days.

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ClassNK Drives Environmental & Efficiency Management with BIMCO

Collaboration is key for a myriad of goals. This is true for achieving environmental compliance and excellence, as Yasushi Nakamura, Representative Director and Executive Vice President ClassNK, expressed during BIMCO’s Driving Environmental & Efficiency Management seminar that was held during Nor-Shipping.                                                           Read full post ►

Wärtsilä Engine Breaks Efficiency World Record

Wärtsilä Corporation has the broken the Guinness World Record for efficiency in a 4-stroke diesel engine, the company announcedTuesday.

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Bore Successfully Tests Flettner Rotor Wind Power Tech

Bore Ltd have this week announced that they have conducted two independent sea trials of Norsepower’s Rotor Sail technology, the success of which have confirmed fuel savings potential.

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Thordon Receive Order For 20 Seawater Lubricated Bearings Systems

Thordon Bearings has revealed at Nor-Shipping 2015 that they have received an order for 20-seawater lubricated COMPAC Propeller Shaft Bearing Systems for Chinese shipyards.

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Nor-Shipping Recognises Industry Excellence

The opening conference of Nor-Shipping in Oslo has revealed today the winners of awards which represent innovative development in energy efficiency, technology utilisation and environmental performance as well as young entrepreneurship.

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