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Give Greece a chance Mr Tsipras!

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MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWhatever you read or hear in the media these days with respect  to the  Greek saga, is a part of one of the world’s biggest,  well orchestrated scams for over two thousand years.

It is the mass media and in particular the media moguls who both having the backing of the masters of the geopolitical games and other business “vested” interests, in this case in Greece or about Greece’s position on the world’s stage, who create this havoc. Believe you me that the day will come when all will  pay for their despicable behaviour and sins in this world – no matter who they are:  this is one of life’s pitiful messages, realities and …niceties! Remember the wrath of the Athenians towards the citizens of the island of Milos who in antiquity betrayed them…? That should mean something to all involved in this scam against the Greek people, that same can be repeated, as and when Hellenism decides to use its option and to react appropriately…

Until this very moment, I haven’t read an honest account from the media on Greece and the colossal debt the Greeks are faced with and forced to pay or repay… given the way this was imposed, to use the right word. This so-called “debt” is the product of Greece’s enemies… No one ever said, except this medium, repeatedly, that: “Under which proviso one lends billions for 41 plus years to somebody (Greece in this case), given that with mathematical accuracy and any given repayment formula, these moneys are not being repaid?”  (and cannot be repaid), as the interest accumulating has reached incalculable proportions. So one looks to fatally wound the other side with an economic war, even using corrupt politicians and cronies beyond any suspicion from within to ensure the designs pay off and the victim gives in to everything… Destruction is quite a thing but revenge too  is the most despicable way, particularly when same emanates from sheer betrayal.

Until this very moment I haven’t heard Mr. Tsipras and his like explicitly  say to all sides, within and outside Greece: “We are not paying you a nickel, as for 41 plus years at the back of your mind you had other designs, end of the story, particularly when we have open cases of bribing and corruption, with say, primarily German companies!”

The Germans might like the Spartan way and have helots,  as they had when they were in antiquity despots of the  Peloponnese,  the Athenian Democracy though which evolved,  does has a message to deliver: careful, take,  caution our reaction will be lethal and without remorse…

Mr  Tsipras and his clan who are currently in power, given the most undemocratic electoral system they inherited, thanks to the madness of ND and PASOK – the parties responsible for this entire mess for 41 years, should be very careful as they have, primarily to defend the interests of the entire Greek community within the country and abroad – something like 17 million and then if they dare their nomenclature  and voters something like 1, 7 million… Figures always add up and the reversal can be very painful. In this point I pause to say: Mr Tsipras change the electoral law here and now if you dare to worship real democracy and proportional representation!

We don’t want to witness this particular and indeed peculiar Greek crisis end in any short of calamity as this will affect, one way or another the entire world, despite the percentages of the Greek economy being something like two centum of the Euro areas GDP… Is this the way to measure the human rights of the Greek public!

By the way it hurts to read that even Greeks working in foreign financial institutions expressing  the view that  restructuring the Greek economy can be done and that will create the ability to pay it back and allow the economy to grow… You can see the size of betrayal!

One good service the press and media can do, and use appropriately their power, is to invite openly live on TV both sides and end this melodrama of contra reporting, “you said this, I mean that”, and all these nonsenses that “leak” in the press. We would like to see Mr Tsipras and Mr Varoufakis in particular in a live half hour open discussion with the lenders, the EU President and respective Commissioners and the infamous IMF, who are responsible for these “negotiations.” We will be more than pleased to be part of this and ask the appropriate questions, so they hear the music. We are provoking this and will continue to do so!

We would also like to see speedy ending of all the scandals in Greece of every kind particularly those involving foreign companies, bribing and corruption. Then a dozen at least of Tsohatzopoulos’ likes  (ministers and even prime ministers)  will end behind the bars; their accomplices from abroad too.

Lastly we must not forget the power of envy in this Greek saga; one from within having the lefty Syriza faithful and their likes seeking revenge and “justice” for their fathers and grandfathers having lost in the Greek civil war as well as in the aftermath of the lucrative business that the centre-right wingers got… and the Europeans trying  to keep anything Greek in their possession.  Germany and a few others in Europe were saved twice, but it seems they forget.

Indeed one can reconcile the irreconcilable, believe me as a broker, yes you can! If you believe otherwise, then you are traitor and a rapist of justice and you strangulate people in the worse way.

Can you deliver,   Mr Tsipras? If you can, then give Greece the  chance it deserves! If you cannot deliver you know the exit:  deliver the country to the Aristos to represent the real interests of the Greek people with sheer power and dignity.

Thank you.

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