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Colombia upgrades AtoN in the Gulf of Urabá

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Turbo port buoyDIMAR, the Colombian Maritime Authority, is keeping to its plan and continues to improve aids to navigation around the Colombian coast. This time it’s been in the Gulf of Urabá, in the Northwest Caribbean coast. The Navy has contracted Almarin, together with its partners Cenacol and INER Consultores, to carry out the supply and installation of new buoys in the harbours of Turbo,  Sapzurro and Capurganá and also in the estuary of Río León. The plan to improve the Colombia’s aids to navigation system was initiated in 2013 at the major Pacific and Caribbean ports of Buenaventura and Cartagena. Now DIMAR is focused on the safety navigationafe in smaller ports and harbours used mostly by local vessels.

Nine lateral buoys, one safe water mark, one special and one cardinal marks were deployed recently, all buoys_vesselsequipped with 5NM LED lights. G2200TW Guia buoys were manufactured with a 2, 2m diameter hull in closed cell polyethylene foam core with a polyurethane elastomer skin and a highly visible 2m stainless steel tower. These buoys are designed for areas of intense marine traffic that require maximum robustness and durability. The design of Urabá buoys is the same as the buoys supplied last year in San Andrés and Providencia islands. Guia Buoys loaded in one of the vessels, in Colombia.

About Almarin

Almarin specializes in the design, supply and installation of equipment used in aids to navigation. The company manufactures high quality products that can be adapted to the customers’ environment and operational requirements. Almarin, based in Barcelona, is part of the Lindley Group, which has 85 years of experience in the port, maritime and industrial areas. If you want to find out more about our activities, visit our website: www.almarin.es.


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