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Constitutions Square's ... western approach...during the YES demo event

Constitutions Square’s … western approach…during the YES demo event

Neither William Shakespeare, nor Aeschylus, Sophocles or Euripides could have ever imagined the unique story – you can call it tragedy, drama or even comedy, enfolding in Greece following last Friday’s failure to bridge the impasses with its creditors. John Faraclas writes:

Neither the Institutions, I mean the European Creditors and the IMF, nor the Tsipras regime really wanted to sign any agreement whatsoever. The Europeans are still to blame, as there are so many governments involved which “failed” to foresee and understand that Tsipras and Varoufakis had conned them for five months, yet they “appear” to be negotiating announcing that they were close to an agreement or that the Athens regime hasn’t made any real progress in the much needed reforms, the most fundamental issue of all, or that Athens hasn’t  come back with any appropriate reply/proposal to unable the Eurozone free the money (Euros 7 billion plus), much needed for Greece to meet its numerous immediate obligations, avoid incalculable repercussions, bankruptcy and Grexit! Equally, the SYRIZA/ANEL Greek coalition government, plays for time, and uses every excuse in saying that they are close in signing an agreement, or that they are very close with the terms and so forth.  Now you can see the pre-meditated murder meticulously organised by both sides to serve “shadow” interests in Europe and beyond.  As the expression says, definitely, both sides have skeletons in their cupboards! Both sides have sinister plans. The IMF has got it totally wrong; IMF has failed spectacularly as the austerity imposed wasn’t relevant for a developed country like Greece. Elaborating this further and expressing same in figures, the IMF envisaged  during the negos of the first bail out that the  drop would be something  like a 5, 5 centum in the Greek GDP and the actual surpassed the 25 centum; that’s far above the norm  and generally accepted margin of error; what a decline! What a mess! What a total stupidity on behalf of the IMF! Add the Debt issue which in its entirety runs close to One Trillion Euros, a totally unsustainable figure and see what you get! Greece is a CTL (A constructive Total Loss), to use a shipping/marine insurance term! If Tsipras and his comrades where really caring about the Greek people they should have completely denounced the entire debt, as it’s the Institutions, the lenders to blame! Who lends for forty years without seeing money being repaid?  The previous Greek regimes from 1974 onwards are to blame, as they have contributed to this despicable mess.  Add the inability and ignorance to negotiate, mostly on purpose from the Greek side, and the damage inflicted by Varoufakis’ eccentric and arrogant manners, and see what you get; end of the story! He “led” Greece in spoiling every well established European Relations and simply creating enemies!

Samaras and his ND/PASOK/DIMAR and then ND/PASOK coalition was an easy prey for Mrs. Merkel and the Samaras-Merkel relationship become null and void, as I guess Mrs. Merkel in reality “toppled” him, nearly four months before the January 25, 2015 elections…

The announcement of the despicable referendum for next Sunday the 5th of July, announced just before midnight on the 26th of June, for the public to “contemplate”, and decide, leaving just eight days for this important voters task, is another delaying excuse, with a text good only for the bin, the division of the Greek Nation and many other incalculable repercussions have brought/induced Greece and its people to a total destruction with, unfortunately the blessing of the creditors. This is truth; end of the story.-  By the way, there is a Referendum in the United Kingdom for Europe for 2017!!!! Two years, ample time for all to have their say without any time pressure!

We like it or not, bankruptcy for Greece is ante portas and obviously as the events continue to enfold, there are capital controls, the banks are closed for the foreseeable future, the ATM’s have become an anathema and the Greek Economy has doubled its downwards course amid the touristic period – when all expected some earnings from the 20 million plus tourists visiting Greece and its islands, to alleviate the damage inflicted to the Greek economy. Moreover the suffering of the Greek people continue and they are losing their dignity, despite the Tsipras rhetoric that his government above all cares for the dignity and pride of the Greek people and their well-being; nonsense, damn lies!

Greece didn’t honour a few hours ago the Euro 1, 6 billion payment of the IMF and once again deferred same. Every second that goes by, the financial damage inflicted upon Greece, goes far above human imagination.

The VAT aspect is a ridiculous one and totally unfair particularly for the islanders and their respective business… but also the shipping aspect, that of taxing Greece’s shipping companies due to the German envy towards Greece’s masters of the seven seas, a crime! The Greek left too is also showing signs of envy but it is the Greek seafarers and the Greek economy who will lose!  Greece’s shipowners at the end of the day pay more tax than any other shipowning fraternity within the European Union, not to mention the world. The Greek tonnage tax system speaks alone proving the contribution of Greece’s shipping companies. Add the unsolicited charitable contributions and see what you get from Greece’s patriotic shipowners!

We have warned the Greeks and the world of these enfolding despicable events long ago and we were the only medium addressing all these issues strait forward without hiding anything whatsoever.

From the “Greece: should the shit hit the fan?” to my latest NOUSE 2015 interview to Ship-shape: the buzz word to save Greece et al… and the many articles and live interviews on television, one can see what we have done to warn and assist all those stakeholders involved in the Greek and European shipping saga!

Greece desperate needs funds, funds in the tune of Euros 75 billion to kick-start its ailing economy and thrive, but under a government formed by Aristos for ten years, and not by under-the-stairs politicians, otherwise expect the worse to come! With an enviable geopolitical position, but equally dangerous in the neighbourhood of war, amid too many eagles, Greece must stand to its feet; a must for Greece’s survival!

After the Capital Controls imposed, the closure of the banks, and other despicable measures, expect a haircut of public’s unsecured deposits and then the spill-over… The one who will order the Grexit has to bear the blame for whatever is to come, for sure one day the tide will be reversed – but the damage inflicted will be a  damage of incalculable proportions, and only within the Eurozone with a humane solution, avoiding the strangulation of the Greek people by the Institutions and the current greek government the sunshine of the greek economy will come. Privatise to survive! For the time being,    brace for the  coming Tempest – Shakespeare new about this too…

P.S.: The media too must contribute towards a solution of the Greek problem and avoid backing “vested” interests; you dead well know what I mean. The last YES demo in Athens’ Constitution Square under adverse weather conditions can teach them a few good lessons…

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