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Despicable Migrants issues

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Yong migrants playing around, whilst at the far end their parents wash their clothes...

Yong migrants playing around, whilst at the far end their parents wash their clothes…

We have numerous times draw the attention of the international community of the dangers looming for our society  with the despicable Migrants issue. The entire Mediterranean Sea and in particular Italy, Greece and Spain have become the most vulnerable areas. There will be very soon incalculable repercurrsions  for Europe given the totally wrong policy by all European governments, which we have to brand them “governments of shame”.

This morning we witnessed the awful situation on the Greek island of Chios at its main port, a few yards from the Harbour Master’s/Hellenic Coast Guard HQ’s: about one hundred migrants, men, women and children who arrive with at their ease through the help of the notorious traffickers, mainly from war-torn Syria via Turkey,   were moving around and getting ready to board the ferry-boat for Piraeus. Shame!

There are rumours of deceases, even among the authorities; some 22 coast guard members contacting TB (tuberculosis)… If this rumours is verified, then: shame to all officials!  There are also security issues which we have numerous times explained; terrorists are also looming in the background.

Do the European Union Governments wish to see live the truth? Shall we send them a film/video so the peoples of Europe revolt and ask their governments to come down to their senses and immy tackle this problem?

Outside a temporary...accomodation: washed clothes hanging before the migrants departure to Piraeus...

Outside a temporary…accomodation: washed clothes hanging before the migrants departure to Piraeus…

I guess moral values do not exist, hence these terrible situations which will lead to despicable repercussions for all… The humane governments of Europe, including that of Greece, should create the humane conditions even for temporary housing  for these desperate   people, to bring empty containers and arrange same to become livable and avoid this make-shift cabins…

We have seen the specialist inflatable  craft with infra-red equipment moored in the port of Chios trying to locate migrants, but at the end of the day the result is that thousand arrive at their ease.

The specialist fast boat with the infra-red equipement moored at the port of Chios

The specialist inflatable fast craft with the infra-red equipment moored at the port of Chios

Viewers can see also the latest news we have from Crete and soon an update. It is not only Chios and its people who suffer; Lesvos,   Samos, Kos and in general ALL the islands and their inhabitants suffer! Enough!

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