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Fathom Ctech Weekly Newsletter – 2 Aug 2015

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SPOTLIGHT: Japan on Top of Smart Technology

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Who’s Doing What?

Why Is Discussing ‘Ship Efficiency’ So Important?

For each and every business (Fathom Maritime Intelligence included) it is of crucial importance to be as effective as possible.

In an ideal world, all our operations would be optimised for ‘maximum return’ with the latest technology delivering all singing and dancing ROIs.

In the real world, we tend to operate in a hybrid state, mixing the highly effective with the more inefficient, old technologies with new solutions, so often applying the ‘if it isn’t broken, why fix it?’ approach.

However, if we don’t look up from our own operations to examine what others are doing and learn about alternatives, we are taking a huge business risk. We risk finding ourselves staring at the heels of our once competitors as they race ahead, wondering where we went wrong.

And that, therefore, is precisely why it is so important to take the time to discuss ‘Ship Efficiency’, i.e. efficiency in maritime operations. It makes us raise our heads, learn from others and gain insight from people dedicated full time to just one aspect of the vast spectrum of our businesses.

Perhaps most importantly, it makes us reflect on what we are doing in our own business and gives us the space to understand how we can do this better.

It is through these discussions that we generate the ideas and thoughts that drive our own organisation forward. Whether it is in person at an event like Ship Efficiency: The Event, taking the time on the phone with a business associate or perhaps on a LinkedIn discussion, they are all highly valuable.

We all want to make our working lives easier and more successful, so really we need to remind ourselves not ‘can we afford the time?’ but ‘can we afford not to spend the time?’.

Alison Jarabo, MD, Fathom Maritime Intelligence

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