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Outside a temporary...accomodation: washed clothes hanging before the migrants departure to Piraeus...

Outside a temporary… accomodation at the main port of  the Greek Island of Chios: washed clothes hanging before the migrants departure to Piraeus…

The hypocrisy surrounding the Migrants issue is the biggest issue in halting these despicable acts which already/ possibly destabilize the foundations of European Society!

Time and again we have warned you of the incalculable repercussions of the Migrants crossing over from Turkey to Greece, the Greek Islands as well as from other regions such as Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia to name but a few places due to war-torn Syria, Afganistan, Pakistan, Northern Iraq and areas savaged by the Islamic State’s “faithful”. The islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Kos and Crete in Greece are the most vulnerable ones… Lambedussa, Sicily, Malta in the Central Med area too suffering.

Traffickers and their governments must be fined, particularly Turkey whose role in destabilizing Europe is well known. Amongst the very very few asylum seekers, terrorists and others are looming in the background. It is time that the various envoys from UN, the EU really address the issue and avoid the silly accounts and stories about the conditions these people experience when they reach the Greek Islands or the Greek mainland. Obviously with the great number crossing over and the methods in use/force to reach Greece’s  Heavens before arriving in the Heavens of Europe and end up as far as the United Kingdom  – with the despicable mess we experienced on watching the events as they enfold live on TV at Calais obstructing the Channel Tunnel, it is impossible for any country to cope. On the other hand, there were tangible warnings a few months ago of two to three million ready to cross from the Turkish Anatolian coast to the Greek Islands and mainland and three more million awaiting in Northern Africa, all Central/East Med nations should have ready contingency plans to counter, not just cope with this eventuality. There could mobilized idle passenger ships from other countries too, prepare simple container units (TEUs/FEUs) being transformed to small houses/shelters, tents (as on earthquakes) etc etc, the charity organisations to be ready (RWA) and able to deliver (RWAD). Medical teams should also be present in these camps.

Excuses are for morons! We have witnessed resignations such as the one of the Commandant of the HGC Adm. Dimitris Bandias,  totally unecessary in our humble view, and investigations and all that jazz, but the real thing to stop all these messy siatuations, is that of a Naval Blockade starting from the Turkish coast, and then you tell me. We provoke all officials in the UN and the European Union and we can take them around even in Turkey escorted by special forces and then they can experience for themselves what really happens. Bribery and Corruption are to the fore there!!! Sanctions should come into force if Turkey in particular continues to “send” immigrants over to Europe and don’t play by the rules! We have hinted that Turkey shoud pay Euros 500, 000 per every Migrant leaving its shores! The Trafficrs shoud be jailed for life; no fines should be imposed, as they will return back and start all over again. We know the story!

The latest meeting under the Greek Prime Minister a few days ago failed to address the real issue, same things have been herad a few months ago. The respective Ministress for the Migrants must get her act together. The Alternate Minister for Shipping too must deliver! No excuses. Tourism is beimng harmed too.

The Greek Islanders are doing their best and they are know for centuries for their charitable and humane contribution towards those desplaced people, even at times of hardships that Greece is experiencing!

Finally add the health issues, such as deseases coming from Migrants and then you can understand the real concerns!  So let’s see the Naval Blockade taking place, saw zero tolerance with traffickers and governments of the nations allowing the departure from their territory/coast, but more importantly this Naval Force which will perform the blockade MUST have a clear mandate without any political interference whatsoever. Otherwise what we have experienced with piracy in and about the Horn of Africa, will also inflict the same damage to all via the Migrants, traffickers and their governments.

*all other excuses are pure nonsense, and with all due respect: simply bullshit! Cut the bullshit!

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American for Britain August 31, 2015 - 11:00 PM

I can’t believe no one has replied to this. A blockade is the only answer. Britain should protect itself with a blockade around its sea borders and by closing or pulling over every vehicle coming through the “chunnel.” The EU leadership is blind to the fact these “migrants” will only spread Islam, rape, rob, and kill white Christians. People of Britain, don’t let your country become the cesspool that America has become with millions of illegal Mexicans. I can only pray that Donald Trump will be our next president here in America. He will be the greatest since Ronald Reagan!


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