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GMS welcomes Gujarat ship recyclers compliance

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IMG-20140918-00125GMS has welcomed news that two ship recycling yards in Alang , India have been issued Statements of Compliance (SoC) bythe Japanese and IACS member classification society, ClassNK.

This confirms that the yards – Kalthia and Priya Blue Industries – comply with the technical standards of Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. Both facilities are located in Alang, Gujarat, India, and are the first ship recyclers in South Asia to gain such recognition.

GMS has long been a supporter of recycling yards in Alang and was instrumental in organising a 14-strong Japanese industry and government delegation visit to India earlier in the year so that officials could see for themselves the improvements being made by some of the more forward-thinking ship recycling yards.

A separate visit, also organised by GMS, hosted a delegation from the Danish Shipping Association (DSA) to witness those improved yards. The visit helped the DSA make the important distinction between yards that use beaching and comply with the Hong Kong Convention on Ship Recycling and those that do not.

Dr Anil Sharma founder and CEO of GMS said: “I am so pleased that both these yards have finally won Hong Kong Convention status. This really does prove beyond doubt that not all beaching is bad. GMS has argued that declaring blanket bans on beaching without viewing individual upgraded sites is short-sighted and these Statements of Compliance really do vindicate our position.

“This news will have a positive effect by encouraging other yards in Alang and the rest of the Asian sub-continent to follow suit and upgrade their facilities to achieve similar recognition.”

  • ·         Established in 1992, GMS is the world’s largest buyer of ships, having concluded  into the Indian sub-continent during 2014, more vessels and lightweight than the next  four competitors combined and buying more ships on an “as is where is” basis than any other cash buyer in the world.
  • ·         It is the world’s FIRST ISO 9001 certified Cash Buyer with a proven track record spanning over two decades, and with more than 3, 000 deals under its belt, it has grown to become the leader of the ship recycling industry.
  • ·         Many of the world’s largest ship owners sell their vessels exclusively to GMS. In 2012 alone the company recycled over 16.5 million DWT (i.e. roughly 300 ships) or nearly one third of the world’s fleet sold for recycling.
  • ·         Over the years GMS has succeeded in helping to modernize the ship recycling industry and, through its efforts, has done much to strengthen the credibility and transparency of the ship recycling sector. It has invested considerable resources into green recycling and continues to support ship recycling yards around the world in both an advisory and financial capacity. To date it has been responsible for 65% of the vessels which were offered for responsible ship recycling in India.
  • ·         GMS is also the FIRST and ONLY Cash Buyer to develop a Green Ship Recycling Program (GSRP) together with Germanischer Lloyd (GL) to meet the highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the ship recycling industry. GMS continues to lead the ship recycling industry with innovative and practical solutions. It participated in the deliberations leading up to IMO’s Hong Kong Convention (HKC) on Safe & Responsible Ship Recycling and over the years has become the acknowledged ‘voice’ of the recycling industry in international fora.
  • ·         GMS is the only cash buyer in the world with multiple offices in the USA, Germany, Dubai, China, Singapore, and Japan as well as exclusive representatives in all five of the major recycling markets including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Turkey.


  • ·         The GMS Weekly newsletter is the most quoted and longest running report in the Ship Recycling Industry.

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