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HFW Briefing: Volkswagen – errors and emissions, October 2015

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HFW COM BR 06102015

Volkswagen – errors and emissions

2016 will mark 80 years of Volkswagen car manufacturing – the “people’s car” was launched in 1936 at the Berlin motor show.

There would have been little expectation that in 2015 Volkswagen’s proud history would be marred by the biggest scandal ever to hit the automotive manufacturing industry. The implications are global and far reaching: whether you insure or regulate the Volkswagen group, work at a Volkswagen affiliate, own or distribute Volkswagen brand cars you are affected. Even if you do not fall into any of those categories – Volkswagen is one of the largest automotive suppliers globally and the admission that it caused emissions data to be falsified, rather than manufacture environmentally compliant cars, has misled consumers and governments and is environmentally a matter of public health, particularly in relation to respiratory diseases.
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