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WISTA, personality of the year 2015

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The moment of collective undersatnding and development!

The moment of collective undersatnding and development!

Nomination by way of tribute to the collective “Personality” of WISTA Hellas


It is true that we could have selected any one of our members or any one of the outstanding individuals in Greek shipping that would fulfill the criteria for nomination of the WISTA Hellas Personality of the Year. There are a number of such individuals whose dynamism, achievements and acknowledgment by the maritime industry through awards this past year have made it to the headlines.

However, in light of the recent political and economic turmoil in Greece, the Greek Shipping community was faced with the uncertainty of what the future may bring. As a result, WISTA Hellas, the second largest NWA, was potentially in danger of disappearance “overnight”.

Having said this though, it is actually during difficult and turbulent times that we all need to believe in a vision and produce creative ideas beyond the standard patterns and criteria to keep us united, while leading by example for the next generation to work collectively towards progress, success, prosperity and a brighter future.

WISTA International president Karin Orsel  with WISTA-Hellas President Angie Hartmann

WISTA International president Karin Orsel with WISTA-Hellas President Angie Hartmann

Under such unique circumstances, WISTA Hellas, upon reflection, decided perhaps it would be inappropriate and superficial to simply nominate one particular candidate as a personality of the year. In an era of division and austerity, we, the women representing the Greek Shipping community, instead of simply nominating one particular candidate, propose for nomination for the Personality of the Year Award 2015, the collective personalities of WISTA Hellas.

Going beyond the traditional criteria, we felt compelled to make sure that the greater network of WISTA has knowledge of the significant achievements of WISTA Hellas throughout its existence and stand as one voice representing 220 of the most dynamic, determined, energetic, progressive, open-minded and hard-working women in the country, who form part of the most forceful shipping communities of the world. For us, there were no yes or no votes, no referendums or polls; just hard work, commitment and solidarity, with the vision and inspiration to endure and overcome the tempest of our times.

Some of the attributes:

Have a good knowledge of the Industry

– WISTA Hellas consists of a powerful network of more than 220 members, including some of the top names in the Greek Shipping community in key positions across every shipping sector.

– Significant achievements from our members involved in shipowning and decision-making positions.

– We make the most of every opportunity to establish WISTA Hellas as an industry voice and strengthen the ties and exchanges of business intelligence between members and key industry personalities through monthly talks, seminars, annual fora and international conferences.

– Being in dialogue with key Bodies in Maritime Industry (IMO London visit in 2009, INTERTANKO, Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine etc.)

– We keep close connections and cooperate with various shipping associations, including the Union of Masters & Mates of the Greek Merchant Marine (P.E.P.E.N.), the Port Captains’ Club, the Nautical School of Hydra, the International Maritime Union (D.N.E.), the Piraeus Port Authority (P.P.A.), and the Maria Tsakos Foundation.

– Our members participate in key organizations such as the Union of Greek Shipowners (U.G.S.), the International Propeller Club of the United States, the Piraeus Association for Maritime Arbitration (P.A.M.A.), the Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Centre, the Greek branch of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (I.C.S.) and the Hellenic Management Centre, the Hellenic Shipbrokers’ Association (H.S.A.), the American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, the Hellenic Committee of Lloyd’s Brokers’ Associates, Shipbrokers’ Association (H.C.L.B.A.), the Comité International Radio-Maritime (C.I.R.M.), the Hellenic Maritime Law Association, the Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners’ Association (H.S.S.A.) and hold diplomatic Consular positions.

– Individual members systematically organize recognized international conferences in Shipping.

Be open-minded

– Supporting start-ups, encouraging the exchange of ideas and brainstorming in periods of uncertainty and financial difficulties, encouraging people and young students to progress their studies in the maritime industry with an aim to broaden the scope of business development in the shipping industry.

Believe in equal opportunities

– As WISTA Hellas, we make concerted efforts to empower women and open doors of opportunity for our members and women in Shipping.

– We believe that women are an underutilized source of maritime talent and we are constantly exploring ways to attract women to maritime professions both ashore and at sea.

– Assisting female cadets to find positions onboard vessels for required training in order for women officers to advance their careers.

– WISTA Hellas through its members supports young students with their research and young professionals for career advancement through mentoring programs and internships.

Believe in diversity

– We accept provisional members (“dokima”) in cases where individual women work in Shipping, but do not fulfill the requirements for full members of WISTA Hellas. By this way, we support young and older women who have started their career in Shipping as they can still participate to WISTA Hellas activities and learn the values of WISTA until they qualify for full membership.

– We invite both male and female speakers on our panels from various sectors of the Shipping Industry.

– Promoting the University students’ networking in the shipping industry.

Be dynamic

– Presence at the Executive Committee of Board of Directors of WISTA International.

– Large percentage of entrepreneurship and products of innovation in Shipping.

– High percentage of women in top global executive positions in Insurance.

– Wide range of women-members, who are in the very top decision making positions and run/have set-up their own companies from different sectors of the Shipping Industry.

Contribute to improve the image of the industry

– Organizing cultural visits to promote the Greek maritime history and seamanship while educating future generations (visits to Hellas Liberty, Hellenic Maritime Museum of Greece, and Mechanism of Antikythera).

– Supporting Chios Maritime Museum with donations, preserving our great Greek shipping history and cultivating our sea-oriented culture for the future generations.

– Supporting the Hellenic naval Academy of Hydra, which was founded in November 1845 and is the oldest Naval Academy in the world that is training the Hellenic Navy’s future Officers.

– Supporting charity initiatives and organizations:

1. The Smile of the Child is a non-profit voluntary organization which defends children’s rights and alleviates issues affecting children.

2. «ARGO» Association of naval parents of children with special needs, which is a dedicated to assisting families of Seamen that have individuals with intellectual Deprival, Autism and Synode’s Infirmities by way of both money aid and material.

3. Creative Centre for children with special needs in Chios.

4. Lykion Ton Hellinidon London, which is a cultural charity at the Centre of the vibrant Greek community in London.

5. Marathon’s Horizon, which is a non-profit company with the purpose of informing, training and information in sports and culture. The main activity axis is sailing, specializing in children and adults with intellectual impairment and learning difficulties.

6. Lyreio Children’s Institution, providing care for both boys and girls from infancy to adulthood, raising them in a warm family environment which enables these children to grow into and live as productive and fulfilled adults in modern society.

7. «Floga» is a voluntary association to support young oncology patients and their families during the long periods of their treatment.

8. Collecting medicine for the homeless people in the city of Athens in cooperation with the Municipality of Athens.

– Individual members systematically include charity initiatives as a part of their social corporate responsibility culture.

– Joining forces with HELMEPA for coastal cleaning.

– Supporting Shipping studies and educational institutions with talks, seminars, discussions with students and professors and also through secondments in shipping companies and offices.

o University of Piraeus, Dept. of Maritime Studies

o Athens University of Economics and Business

o Ionian University

o University of the Aegean

o ALBA, including an annual sponsorship to a WISTA Hellas member each year with a view to develop their professional expertise and knowledge.

o BCA College

o Hellenic Management Centre/ Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers-Greek branch


Show significant achievement

WISTA Hellas

– Efkranti Special Award 2010

– Winner of Lloyd’s List – Piraeus International Centre 2010 Award

– IEK Xini Piraeus honoring WISTA Hellas in June 2012

– Port Captains Club Honouring WISTA Hellas in November 2014

– Argo charity honouring WISTA Hellas, February 2015

Examples of Members’ Awards

– Winner of Lloyd’s List Award for the “Broker of the year 2014”

– Winner of Lloyd’s List “Technical Innovation” Award

– Winner of Lloyd’s List “Woman Seafarer of the year 2014” Award

– Winner of Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Award – Award for Achievement in Education and Training”

– Selected as a Young Global Leader in the World Economic Forum for 2015-2020

– Selected to be one of the “40 UNDER 40” – European Young Leaders for the year 2014

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