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Natural Gas everywhere with Kaminco/Galileo virtual pipeline

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kaminco 0102 DEc 2015Of all the fossil fuels we burn for home, industrial or automotive uses, natural gas (NG) is clearly the cleanest, as the carbon dioxide emissions are up to 50% less than those of coal and 20-30% less than those of oil and its derivatives. Moreover, it emits insignificant amounts of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, mercury and particulates compared to all other fossil fuels. The ever-increasing use in various applications significantly reduces the burden on the environment, both through the worldwide problem of the greenhouse effect and global warming, as well as locally, improving the air we breathe in cities and close to industrial zones.

In recent years, in fact, natural gas is growing in use as a clean, safe and cheap car fuel (CNG, Compressed Natural Gas), clearly being more beneficial compared to the solution of LPG (Liquified Petrol Gas).

The fact is that, the use of CNG (and its liquified form, LNG or Liquified Natural Gas) predominates completely than any other fuel, by whatever criterion it is judged. The only stumbling block at the moment is the limited distribution network, since the available gas is directly dependent on the location and distance from the closest pipeline. In Greece, for example, the supply of natural gas is relatively easy along the road between Athens and Thessaloniki, where the pipeline leading to the port of Piraeus passes, but to other parts of the mainland or to islands, things are a little more difficult.

This is exactly the problem that KAMINCO, a specialist in energy, industry and shipping, is coming to solve by applying the Virtual Pipeline and on-site LNG production solutions of Galileo to the Greek market. The result is a complete compression, liquefaction and transport system of natural gas to the end consumer, wherever he is, through the development of a network of production and transfer stations and through a continuous flow of road or sea transport to ensure the uninterrupted availability of natural gas 24h/365 days a year, anywhere in Greece, as inaccessible or remote as it may be. By adding the demands of many small or large customers by geographical area, it is possible to achieve economy of scale so that gas is always available on the local transfer station, just as it would have been if there was a real gas pipeline at the point. The system is completely modular and scalable, designed on small independent compression and liquefaction units, transported and installed anywhere in no time. The transport system is also adaptable since it doesn’t use a single size and type of tanker truck but uses instead small self-storage units (pods) transported one by one or more at a time, on the same flatbed truck, depending on the requirements of each supply.

The Virtual Pipeline systems have already been in operation in many parts of the world, from our neighboring Bulgaria up to the distant Borneo in Oceania, offering completely reliable gas supply solutions to any consumer need, whether it is large or small.

About Kaminco

KAMINCO is a Group of Companies with more than 50 years of powerful presence in the Greek and Cypriot Marine, Petrochemical and Energy Markets. KAMINCO GROUP based in Miami FL with offices in Greece, Cyprus and Korea, forms an important organization, dedicated in the research and application of new technologies. In co-operation with the most reputable world makers, it offers exclusively products, engineering services and consultancy in the areas of shipping, propulsion, shipbuilding, remote operations, automation, safety, decision support, even aviation and complex defense applications.

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