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EIRA’s first Energy Monthly Review for 2016

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George Hatzioannou

George Hatzioannou

Energy International Risk Assessment’s independent monthly review, Volume 4 Issue I is just being uploaded. A very interesting report given the importance of energy in conjuction with geopolitics for 2016 and beyond.

Viewers an read and comment on the following subjects simply and meticulously analysed by the expert team of EIRA:

Cheniere LNG: part of Greek drama or comedy? Libya: fragmented, victimised and hating it; Saudi Arabia: moulding alliances amid melting oil incomes; Saudi-Iranian war of words: prelude to Islam’s reformation; Small is beautiful, but not when you count Azeri Gas and finally: Why should SE Europe bother about Nord Stream.

Viewers can log herebelow and read the full report:

EIRA Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 1

We look forward to your written comments.


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