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John Faraclas - picture credits LISW2015 FLICKR

John Faraclas – picture credits LISW2015 FLICKR

It is interesting how important the numbers are and Numerology is a must for all to understand and know what some fundamentals in life mean; if not, then the choice for losing / missing the boat  one day, it is yours. John Faraclas comments/ insight on the current shipping markets situation:

369 is the magic constant of the 9 × 9 magic square and the n-Queens Problem for n = 9.-

Try to interpret all these above, but I can assure you the level of the market and the number 369 of the BDI is to our benefit, to the benefit of the markets and all stakeholders, subject they understand where they stand, possess a good balance sheet, know the projections of what geopolitics will bring and more importantly what the 500 years period / sequence means in human history.

Earlier on, the BDI was down four points since last Friday the 15th of January 2016 when it stood at 373 points, the BCI just one down at 197, the Panamaxes’ BPI down six at 375, the Supras’ BSI also down six at 388 points; the BHSI – handy handies… down two at 243!

Looks as if we are close to the rock bottom / approaching same to be more optimistic on the dry markets but still reiterate that shipping will be only for the very very very few (do please read our previous reports). Business hooligans (do not excuse my French) have no place in the shipping fraternity! This crisis/ lesson of the sinking markets will separate the wheat from the chaff, possibly once and for all. Be on …guard to see what happens when investigations take place…

For the wets too, the 99 centum of the para above applies. The Wets were also down; the last published BDTI and BCTI where nine and five points down at 897 and 707 respectively!

The Iranian sanctions saga continues with very diverse messages flying about. One thing is for sure that one needs a well coated key (politeness) to open a rusty lock (Iran), but vice versa too!!! (indeed exclamation marks). Otherwise those nations and their people playing with fire and have hidden agendas, they will pay for the repercussions of any outcome…

With the oil prices “projected” below US$ 25 per barrel Brent or WTI things can dramatically change. Remind you that just around the Millennium 1999-2001, I have written and continue to believe and mention in all articles that the way the oil goes up and down, we have to use the Alternative Sources of Energy, where BIG MONEY WILL CHANGE HANDS! This is what will happen and give a lesson to those inhumane traders and governments who destroy and have already destroyed millions of people and the world economy. The same very people who handle today the MIGRANTS Issue and the Environment!

We need to redefine and go back to the drawing board creating a better and more sustainable shipping trade pattern; after all, only for 2016, NINE Billion tons of cargoes have to be moved! The “secret” rests with the “management” of shipyards and control, regulate the ethics, the business ethics of shipbrokers and banks, financial institutions, funds AND individuals – needless to say/state that of national governments…

Lastly, this medium believes that this is the best market; a BUYERS’ Market!

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