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Hempel’s Dynamic delivers fuel savings for Lemissoler

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HempelGlobal shipmanagement company, Lemissoler Navigation, via its affiliated and managed company Frontmarine Co. Ltd, has achieved significant fuel savings from coating its newbuild 58, 500dwt supramax bulk carriers with Hempel’s Dynamic antifouling product.

As part of an environmental efficiency drive, Lemissoler has adopted a unique hull design for the new vessels, fitted them with fuel-efficient propellers and coated the undersides with Hempel’s Dynamic antifouling.

According to the design specification, fuel consumption was calculated at 24.7 tonnes per day at 14.2 knots in ballast condition. Thanks to the eco-innovations, these vessels in sea trials are achieving a fuel consumption of just 23 tonnes.

Lemissoler Navigation has coated four of the eight newbuilds with Dynamic and, based on its successful performance, is planning to coat the remaining four vessels with the same product.

Hempel’s Group Product Manager, Andreas Glud, explains why Dynamic has been so successful:

“Dynamic is a low friction, hydrolysing silyl acrylate, which gives our customers an outstanding antifouling service and delivers average fuel savings of up to 4 per cent. Our patented microfiber technology, which is integral to this paint, gives it an exceptional mechanical strength that reduces cracking and peeling. Based on the fuel savings demonstrated in these trials, our Dynamic antifouling is a contributing factor to an overall fuel saving of 7 per cent for the new Frontmarine vessels.”

Lemissoler Group’s Technical Manager, Mr. Dimitris Solomonides says:

“We are delighted with the results of the recent sea trials of the first four new vessels. Lessening the environmental impact of our activities and improving fuel efficiency is one of our top priorities and we believe that the innovative design of the newbuilds, the fuel efficient propeller and Hempel’s Dynamic antifouling have proved to be a winning combination in delivering these efficiencies.”

About Hempel
Hempel is a world-leading coatings supplier for the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets. From wind turbines and bridges to hospitals, ships, power stations and homes, our coatings protect man-made structures from the corrosive forces of nature.

With a focus on R&D, advanced production techniques and professional coating advice, we work around the globe to help keep our customers’ investments safe and beautiful for longer. Our working concept is simple: we are curious, creative and self-critical, and always aim to create extra value for our customers.

With 11 R&D centres, 28 factories, and more than 150 stock points around the world, Hempel is present in 80 countries employing more than 6, 000 people.

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