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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI gained just three points today standing at 332 in one of the most debated days for the future of the dry markets! John Faraclas writes:

The BCI remained the same at 174 whilst the BPI gained three standing at 357 points. The Supras and the BSI  gained another six – this is the size with a continuous plus figure, standing at 345 points and the Handies  gained three points clocking a mere  217 points.

Still very low figures and it remains to be seen when the bubble bursts!

The last published BDTI and BCTI were also on a downward trend at  730 (minus  10) and  515 (minus one) respectively!

The price of Oil gained a bit standing at region US$ 34 and thus making the uncertainty  even worse!

On the geopolitics now:

The Migrants issue will bring Europe to its knees – unfortunately not to its senses!

NATO still trying to negotiate with murky Turkey the operational  limits mandate… How nice eh!

The Syrian disaster, if a total peace plan is fully implemented – in place, is very near…

ISIS terrorist will only get the message when the ground forces move in; end of the story and the palaver so far!

Putin’s Russia whilst defending its Med and Black Sea interests creates havoc to Europe with the Migrants. Add the Migrants coming from as far as Afghanistan and Africa and see what you get.

In France the demolition of the despicable Calais jungle resumes… Shame to all politicians on this issue. We have one again to repeat this! Shame to ALL Eurpean MP’s and MEP’s and Commissioners for this Humane disaster!

The Super Tuesday is coming up.

BREXIT is warming up… on the other side of the Atlantic – so to speak reversing the map…

Greece still in tatters; a real punishment is more than needed to all “naïve” politicians for letting the Migrants destroy the Greek Society and Economy in addition to the already financial and economic mess they brought same given the 42 years after the fall of the Military Regime which received on purpose the blame… Now who is to blame? If the Greek politicians come out and say “Sorry we are to blame”, only then things will change! That includes the current lefty looney regime! An interesting panel earlier on tonight at a full house at the Auditorium of the Hellenic American Union discussed the Issue of Development in Greece; one of the best ever we witnessed thanks to the Association of European Journalists in Greece and its executive president Athanassios  Papandropoulos. MP Vangelis Venizelos had a rare stance! We had vigorously stressed the paramount importance of Greek Shipping in retuning the entire Greek economy. Shipping in its entirety is by far the most strategic advantage Greece has over the centuries and currently in particular despite the present crisis!

China, trying to reinvent its economy and exports; a bit too late. COSCO’s ambitions are on the wrong timing; patience is a virtue…  Meantime a big scam is probably finding its way to court; corruption there flourishes too…

Africa still struggling…

On the sports front Rio’s and Tokyo’s Olympic bids for 2016 and 2020 are under investigation….

Finally, we reiterate the view that this is the best market to acquire tonnage. Let’s see tomorrow at Mare Forum in Athens what happens!

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