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ABS approval for Harris PYE boiler

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A Harris Pye boiler

A Harris Pye boiler

Harris Pye Engineering has successfully undergone an ABS Product Design Assessment (PDA) for its Tri-fired 45 tph steam boiler. This forms part of the extensive portfolio of superheated and saturated steam boilers now offered by the global engineering company.  The PDA allows Harris Pye to have a boiler approved for installation into a vessel following a brief technical evaluation by ABS, resulting in a short turnaround time for individual approvals.

“The granting of the ABS PDA is a major milestone for us, ” says Harris Pye’s Chief Technical Officer, Chris David.  “Put simply, it is approval of our design for construction. After 40 years of repairing and redesigning third party boilers, we now have the ability to input our vast experience into manufacturing our own bespoke units. Our clients will undoubtedly benefit from this ‘cradle to grave’ approach in offering full support from design, and the point of delivery right through to the operation and monitoring of the asset whilst in service.”

The boilers are designed on a case-by-case basis to specific requirements of the installation, maximising efficiency of manufacture and operation.  Receiving approval from ABS for methods and calculations for the design means subsequent submission should be fast tracked-through the approval process, reducing overall lead time.  The range of boilers can be utilised in the machinery spaces of marine and offshore installations, as well as modified for use on the deck of FPSOs.  Focus of the design has been on operability; ease of inspection and maintenance; maximising efficiency; and longevity of the asset.

Harris Pye water tube boiler models’ output ranges from 30 t/hr up to 150 t/hr; temperatures from saturated through to 515°C superheated; operating pressures from 16 bar to 60bar. Footprints would be from 5m x 5m for the lower ranges, up to 13m x 15m.

“It is not just a question of designing and installing the boiler, far from it, ” says Chris David. “Support is provided from the outset; with initial operator training provided on the control system for the particular boiler in a simulated environment ashore, and continued through into the commissioning phase.

“Our ‘cradle to grave’ care packages include options for a Remote Operation and Maintenance System (ROMS), which allows Harris Pye to remotely monitor live parameters to assist with optimisation of the plant, early detection of anomalies, and intervention with operation and maintenance to the system if required.  Detailed inspection, historical portfolios of each asset, and planned maintenance plans also form part of the care package philosophy.”

Further information from www.harrispye.com
About Harris Pye

The Harris Pye Engineering Group is a rapidly expanding global organisation with active involvement in many key marine, oil and gas, offshore and industrial sectors. Operating worldwide on a 24/7 basis, our emphasis is on cost effective repair, preventative maintenance and conversion work.

Over the past 10 years, the Group has successfully developed a range of services to the offshore oil industry which include in situ repair, upgrade and conversion of rigs, semi-submersibles, trading tankers, FSU, FSO, FPSO and FSRU units. Harris Pye is a multi-cultural global service provider with a focus on supplying top quality products and fast and efficient customer service. Further information at www.harrispye.com

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