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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

An overall plus day for all the Baltic indices; the BDI plus five, the Capers at 179 (plus three), the BPI plus four at 481, the Supras on a plus seven points standing at 427 points and the BHSI on plus three clocking 252 points gave a promising start for this week.

The Wets too with the last published BDTI and BCTI standing at 833 and 502 points that’s 39 and eight points plus respectively.

The price of WTI on a falling modus close to US$ 37…

Very complex issues are taking place as you read these lines, and wonder when we shall hear the bubbles of the shipping industry busting; the sound and result will be more than detrimental! Will China go from Bloom to Gloom? Despite all these happenings, we reiterate that this is the best market to acquire tonnage – particularly ordering newbuildings!

Keep an eye on the Liner companies/trade; Containers’ area is very good investment but always too expenisve…

On the Geopolitics front now:

Strange geopolitics and wonder if Putin is going to use the Trojan Horse paradigm in Syria… the announcement today of recalling some of his forces as mostly the Russian objectives were more or less successful, tells it all. We shall see what happens after the Geneva talks. Meantime in Turkey following, according to its president, another terrorist attack, things might get sour. The Kurdish saga is now ready to enfold and it will spill over if not properly contained. A very messy neighbourhood. Wonder what might happen in the region if Egypt bursts, and whilst we wish to see Egypt assisting in peace actions in neighbouring Libya, what might happen to Egypt itself. The ivory Coast events are more tahn distrurbing!

Conversely The Migrants issue which we have foreseen being the number one issue, now gets incalculable proportions of the beginning of the total mess in all fronts. Mrs. Merkel can feel the consequences; Europe totally divided; the Migrants’ young children and others continue to lose their lives. SHAME!!!!

A great conference took place last Friday and Saturday at the LSE on  “A tale of two crises; A step forward into the future”, organised by the LSESU Hellenic Society covering aspects of the Migrants issue and the economy in Greece; one of the best ever events. This event also comes at no better time, given the one earlier this month by MARE FORUM  on the transportation of energy, which includes many of the issues covered here in London!

OI 2016 opens tomorrow at London’s ExCel; a more than interesting event!

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