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NSSLGlobal’s ‘plug and play’ email solution gives maritime vessels tighter control of bandwidth and costs

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Cruise Control LITE provides a seamless and secure email connection between vessel and land based subscribers, with bandwidth savings of up to 75% per message

5 April 2016 – NSSLGlobal, independent satellite communications provider and winner of VSAT Service Provider of the Year 2015, today announces Cruise Control (CC) LITE, a new entry-level email management solution for the maritime sector. Created by NSSLGlobal, CC-LITE is compatible with both FleetBroadband and Iridium Open Port, meaning it can be integrated into a number of vessels across A1 to A4 regions. 

The CC-LITE email service enables significant reductions in satellite bandwidth usage and costs through an intelligent mix of usage policies and highly-efficient data compression that can save up to 75% per message.

By integrating a focused set of functions into off-the-shelf hardware NSSLGlobal has been able to produce an affordable solution that is incredibly simple to set up. The solution is ideally suited to small-regional and inter-regional vessels (e.g. fishing, service and supply) that just have a basic email requirement and do not need the added cost, complexity and unreliability of alternative solutions.

Henrik Christensen, Group Maritime Sales Director, NSSLGlobal commented: “Email seems like a very basic thing when you are in an office, but it is a much larger issue when you are out at sea and the bandwidth is constrained. In that sort of environment customers need a solution that enables them to control cost and optimise bandwidth. It also needs to be simple as the crew have a job to do and do not have time to run complex software fixes. With CC-LITE we take all the complication out of the process. It is a simple, affordable product for customers with unsophisticated requirements and a focus on cost-efficiency.”

Users can optimise bandwidth usage in a number of ways using the NSSLGlobal Cruise Control online portal: Size restrictions can be applied to different mailboxes, and policies can be applied differently depending whether emails are sent locally or over-the-air. Restrictions can also be placed on who users can send email to and receive email from. Settings can be rolled out across either a fleet or a single vessel, and the Cruise Control appliance will automatically be updated.

The CC-LITE box is also highly discreet, measuring just 97mm x 60mm x 31mm and weighing a mere 150g. Meaning it will integrate easily into existing IT systems via its single Ethernet connection.

To find out more about CC-LITE, NSSLGlobal will be present at Digital Ship Copenhagen from Tuesday 5th April 2016 – Wednesday 6th April 2016 and will be happy to answer any questions you may have or similarly you can visit http://www.nsslglobal.com/cclite.

About NSSLGlobal

NSSLGlobal is an award-winning independent service provider of satellite communications and IT support, committed to delivering high-quality voice and data services to customers anywhere in the world, regardless of location or terrain.

NSSLGlobal’s fully-owned global VSAT network, including six teleports, allows it to offer customers truly world-class coverage and services. Along with this owned network NSSLGlobal brings together best-in-class satellite solutions from key market providers such as Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium, to offer options across C-, L-, Ka- and Ku-Band networks.

NSSLGlobal is also committed to supporting customers locally, offering a large infrastructure of offices, service centres and local resellers across all the major continents. All backed by 24/7 Network Operation Centres, which provide nonstop technical support for every customer, whether on sea, land, or air.

In September 2015 NSSLGlobal formed AEROSATCOM, a joint venture created with aeronautical satcom specialist Eclipse, in order to service the rapidly-expanding government airborne satcom marke

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