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A view from the Port of Chios

A view from the Port of Chios

We continue the presentation of Konstantinos Milt. Anagnostou’s videos which basically depicts the seamanship of the vessels crew, but also …introduce you to Chios, the island of the Winds which today controls about 5 percent of the world’s ocean going fleet!

This time at the main port of Chios, Greece, viewers can see the berthing manoeuvres of the “Blue Star 1”, this modern Passenger / Ferry which was built in Holland at the Van Der Giessen shipyards in 2000!

Another great work following his previous five videos on similar occasions which you can also view herein; enjoy and make Greece and Chios your next holiday destination. Moreover as Greece celebrates Easter, this Holy Week many will take it to the Greek Islands and Chios is also one of the preferred destinations, given that at the town of Vrontados, adjacent to the capital Chios, the traditional fireworks take place – a “fight”, a noble exchange of “rockets” between two of Vrontados’ historic Churches: The Panaghia Erithiani and Aghios Markos. Thousand attend the event each year immediately after the Resurrection! A custom not to be missed!

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