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Greek youth has a chance to gain insight in shipping

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Real Time Graduates logoReal Time Graduates is a non-profit initiative that launched in March 2016 having been in the works for quite some time. It aims to connect Graduates with the Greek Shipping Cluster. It was inspired by the Educational Internship Programme operating within Laskaridis Shipping Co.Ltd. since several years and is directed by Suzanna Laskaridis.

Real Time Graduates aims to create a hub made up of Ship Management Companies, Brokers, Chartering Desks, Classification Societies, Financial & Legal Institutions, Technical Offices and others, working within the Greek Shipping Sector.  It hopes to provide educational placement positions and valuable experience to graduates as a first step into the world of shipping. To offer a valuable in-between step between the academic and the professional world allowing the Graduates to experience the world of Shipping in real time.

Through the Real Time Graduates Programme, the companies have the opportunity to work with young, fresh and eager graduates and possibly find valuable employees for the future. They have the opportunity to invest in the future of Greek Shipping.

On the other hand the Graduates have the opportunity to take part in the educational experience of a lifetime and experience shipping from within.

In the times that the youths of Greece are facing, opening the door to someone is a gift. A gift that benefits both communities since, by offering this helping hand, the current generation of shipping professionals have the option and the ability to be a part of the creation of the next generation of shipping colleagues.

It is still early days for Real Time Graduates and we hope it becomes as helpful as it is necessary.

The pool of participants is constantly growing with Graduates that have completed their Studies from both Greek and Foreign Universities mostly from the United Kingdom.

There is no fee for participating in Real Time Graduates.

Please visit our website www.investinthefuture.gr for more information on Real Time Graduates and how you can become a part of the hub.

Website: www.investinthefuture.gr

Email: info@investinthefuture.gr

twitter: @RealTimeGrads

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