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NYMAR Launches Book at Posidonia

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Clay Maitland

Clay Maitland

June 2, 2016- NEW YORK  New York Maritime Inc. (NYMAR) Chairman Clay Maitland announced the publication of its book New York IS the Capital for Shipping promoting the benefits of doing maritime business in New York.  It will be launched on June 8th at a reception being sponsored by NYMAR and the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce at Kyla Shipping in Athens, on the occasion of the bi-annual Posidonia conference.

“We are pleased to be publishing this important piece about the extensive capability of the New York maritime center”, stated Chairman Maitland.  “New York is considered the premier place for the shipping industry and reinforces what we know—an industry as global and demanding as shipping can only thrive in the city that never sleeps.  New York truly is the Capital for Shipping!”

NYMAR, and its partners, has assembled a series of articles to help illuminate the many benefits of New York.  Ranging from the accessibility of capital, to legal support, tax issues, arbitration, insurance and more, the contents of this booklet are intended to provide new insights into the ways in which New York rightly claims pre-eminence as a center for conducting international maritime business.

New York Maritime, Inc. (NYMAR) was created over 10 years ago to help promote New York and its environs as the optimal venue for shipping interests to do business.  Unlike other like-minded entities in other global maritime centers, NYMAR is nearly exclusively volunteer driven by maritime professionals who are successfully plying their trade and productively adding value to the international maritime industry from their base in the New York maritime center.

For more information, go to www.nymar.org.

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