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The BDI under renewed pressure…

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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

It is now a common secret that the BDI (Baltic Dry Index)lost steam; the geopolitics too affect the markets so does the bad loans and lack of funding. John Faraclas daily markets briefing:

The BDI lost six points today and now stands at 606, very close to the dangerous level of 600, as if it goes under, things will definitely go extremely bad.

The Capers lost seven points with the BCI 2014 reading 854 points and the Panamaxes with its respective BPI losing six and now standing at 560 points.

Both the Supras and the Handies lost points with the BSI and BHSI reading 573 (-3) and 354 (minus one) respectively.

So the Dry market is Dry and High –  as the expression has it! CAUTION!

The Wets with mixed feelings: The last published BDTI and BCTI stood at 762 (plus nine) and 495 (minus one) respectively. All these thanks to the WTI which tried hard to maintain a US$ 49 and a bit of a plus level…

The Geopolitics front, as we have analysed same from Friday until yesterday with additional also  articles and views on BREXIT, GREXIT etc., look ready for an explosion! In our tomorrow weekly recapitulation will tell you why!


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