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American P&I Club reception excels at Posidonia

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Lined up welcoming guests, the all American  - Greek team with (from the rigt): Arnold Witte, chairman of the board, Vincent J. Solarino, Dorothea Ioannou, Joe Hughes, George Alexndratos, Elias Tsakiris and ilias Bobolos

Lined up welcoming guests, the all American – Greek team with (from the right): Arnold Witte, chairman of the board, Vincent J. Solarino, Dorothea Ioannou, Joe Hughes, George Alexandratos, Elias Tsakiris and Ilias Bobolos

Witnessing rare moments in Shipping History is a blessing! A few hours ago we were fortunate to see one of our old friends and supporters, the American P&I Club and its synergy group of associated insurance providers, demonstrate the support bestowed upon it by its international clientele, members and friends. The occasion was the club’s traditional Posidonia reception at the tranquil seaside Akrotiri Club Restaurant, with what seemed like five times more people than last time round at Posidonia 2014!

An ABC of guests was welcomed by leaders of the governing bodies of the club – the only mutual protection and indemnity provider domiciled in the United States – and its managers. Academics, average adjusters,  bankers, Coast Guard officers, class society representatives, environmental specialists, lawyers, marine consultants,  marine insurance brokers, shipowners and shipmanagers from the US, Greece, Cyprus and London, offshore experts, salvors, ships’ agents, and representatives from all sectors of the international shipping industry’s cluster, were present. Interestingly, the Square Mile was there in full force; and the media, of course…

Buoyed by winning the Lloyd’s List North American Maritime Services 2016 award, recently presented in New York, all at the American P & I Club were in top form, displaying monumental confidence! The  key criterion for the award, in the words of Lloyd’s List, was that the winner should have gone “above and beyond best practice to offer the Shipping Industry something exceptional.”

Beyond the show...

Beyond the show…

The Posidonia celebration above all included recognition of the launch of the joint venture between the American Club and its managers SCB Inc with American Hellenic Hull Insurance and its managers Hellenic Hull Management. American Hellenic was established in Cyprus in October 2015 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Club, to provide cover for hull and related insurances. Its portfolio includes contracts renewed by, or attaching as new business to, Hellenic Hull Mutual Association.

All speakers made a great contribution. George Alexandratos enthused with his vigour and confidence all the guests, receiving rousing applause! Vincent J. Solarino as always on a great day; and you can’t go wrong with the two Elias’ – Tsakiris and Bobolos.

As said above this was a rare moment for two of the world’s most powerful nations, the USA – the global superpower, and Greece – Planet Ocean’s maritime superpower, at a very crucial moment for the shipping industry and geopolitics. The skills, expertise and tradition provided from both sides, indeed have the potential for great success, in field of serving the mighty shipping industry and beyond.

Viewers can log here below and listen to the live interview that Joe Hughes, the American P&I Club’s CEO and Dorothea Ioannou,  the club’s global business development Director, gave to www.allaboutshipping.co.uk :

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