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BDI gains from Capers, but otherwise markets deep to the abyss

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI@610 is preparing all stakeholders for possible hiccups; John Faraclas’ weekly recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gained just four points since yesterday and four since last week’s 606 points, thanks to the volatility of the Capers. All other sizes are in limbo…

The Capers and the respective BCI 2014 gained 59 points, now standing at 913 and 183 points plus since last week’s 830 points. Big questions though arise, once again on what creates this volatility which does have repercurrsions on all other sizes…

The Panamaxes and the respective BPI lost another 10 points, now reading 550, which is also down 32 points since last week’s 582 points.

The Supras’ BSI also lost one point now standing at 574 and this is also down five points since last week’s 579.

The Handies’ BHSI lost five points since yesterday(349), but gained  two points since last week’s 347.

Once again a downwards market and as said numerous times: one size doesn’t constitute a health market no matter the plus figure!

The Wets with mixed feelings as always. The last published d BDTI and BCTI stood at 765 (plus three) and 493 (minus two respectively; overall since last week the Dirties gained 37 points (728) and the Cleans lost ten (503) respectively.

The WTI struggles now close to US$ 49 – was a bit below and it will be interesting to watch the summer saga and how same enfolds…

Expect big issues on bankruptcies but equally great opportunities!  This is the best ever buyers’ market! We eagerly wait to attend the major conferences and fora organisd by the Posidonia Exhitons and attend the main Lloyd’s List event, The Capital Link event, The Mare Forum one, the Tradewinds one and many other and denate the issues! We have though to speak up, as we did last time round and you can see from our predictions how correct this medium has been!

Geopolitics got once again going from worse to worse, until we witness soon in all fronts the big explosions….:

Migrants are being drowned in hundreds both in Italy and Greece – not to mention outside Libya. In hot spots in Greece, at least three (Lesvos, Samos and Oreokastro) there are arson actions or whatever you call these despicable events. In one of Athens’ main seaside high ways (The Old Athens West Airport) the view is beyond human understanding. Greeks and Greece’s Philhellenes as they are called, feel awful seeing the on purpose situation! Still waiting for all those responsible to resign;  S H A M E !

Over in Greece expect the unexpected. Some comments we received and we will upload proves how people are ignorant or are trying to cover their sins, or other peoples sins!

In France amongst others the floods in Paris and elsewhere are more than dangerous.

In the USA first time we read of fighting between funs of the Reps and Demos during this election campaign. The most strange in US history.

The BREXIT  and GREXIT is still ante portas.  I guess the top of the pops by Clash: “ should I stay or should I go” is really music to all, particularly for the Germans all of  sudden waking up to see that the Brits might go…

Turkey and Germany at odds over the Armenian Genocide!  There will be more things that will bring Turkey at odds with may nations, not just in Europe, if Turkey continues attitudes, practices and policies beyond…

The Posidonia 2016 are on and on Monday the Exhibition opens too. All the World is now down in Greece to the world’s most important Maritime Exhibition and beyond. Not to be missed!


N.B.:An update will follow.

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