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The Markets: And so to …bet?

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our warning yesterday, a repeat from May’s first warning, come out verbatim right and the BDI went under the 600 point mark; John Faraclas daily Market briefing:

The BDI lost six points and now reads 598; a …eventuality worth studying as things might get sour, unless something spectacular happens. Rumours have it that if the BREXIT succeeds, then the collapse will be monumental, not just for the BDI but for all Economic and other indices!  We bet, as always to our intuition and to our informants views from above the under the stairs analysts et al! Sorry, but we MUST ink these expressions to wake you all up as the situation will get worse in all fronts!

  • The Capers lead the way down with a 24 points drop and a drop below the 1, 000 points threshold – the BCI 2014 now reads 976 points.
  • The Panamaxes and the respective BPI remained the same at 545 points.
  • Two points plus for the Supras with the BSI now standing at 554.
  • The Handies and the respective BHSI lost just one point (314)

Again we are faced with a very bad dry market.

The Wets with mixed feelings. The last published BDTI and BCTI stood at 712 (plus 7) and 449 (minus 12) respectively.

The price of WTI as we write this briefing stands at US$ 47.35; caution.

The Geopolitics and the world economy feel uneasy given the lead of the BREXIT pools prediction. Grexit too might happen despite assurances – internally and externally! We are warning you all on these two issues. Indeed we hope that both can be contained as they will be detrimental for all.

The Migrants issue continues as well as ISIS mess.

Be on guard.

Tomorrow we will give you a full weekly report.

Have a nice evening!


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