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third from the left

third from the left, the newly  re-lected president Dimitris Monioudis and his wife Camila with members and friends of HESGB

Thanks to a glorious English weather prevailing since day-break, as well as to the Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain (HESGB) events committee’s organising skills – with finishing touches by Alex Xenakis , George Foustanos and Costas Amarantides, that this year’s Summer BBQ at the Trailfinders Sport Club in West Ealing’s Castle Bar surpassed by far any previous event of its kind; John Faraclas reports and his camera…shots…:

It is this unique Hellenic mind and hospitality coupled with excellent Greek food which makes non-business events great and those participating happy and content! To do this, you need to be gifted by all the Hellenic Xenius Zeus’ Charismas!

A view from the inside at the Trailfinders' Sports Club Hall

A view from the inside at the Trailfinders’ Sports Club Hall

The main recreation hall and the outside open events garden- sector of this old Sports Club was full when arrived at 13:30 – half an hour or so late due to the chock-a-block traffic, with members of HESGB their friends and families. It wasn’t just the usual international summer BBQ / get together of HESGB, which every year is getting bigger and better or the live traditional Greek music by members of the Amadeus band, or the excellent traditional Greek cuisine, it was the participation of a great number from the members of the Hellenic Bankers Association in London, many lawyers and academics – over twenty of them creating a great atmosphere! Networking not just at its best, producing best!

Enjoying the BBQ under the sun!

Enjoying the BBQ under the sun!

The newly elected governing body of HESGB is headed once again by Dimitris Monioudis. A full run-down of the HESGB New Governing Committee for the 2016-2018 period, is attached at the end of this story.
As said a good get-together with a lot of networking going on with class society representatives present, marine engineers, naval architects, spare parts agents, shipyards representative, claims specialists, you name it where there.
The Greek Shipping Attaché Captain (HCG) Demosthenes Botsis and his wife Vassiliki were there, as did the Assistant Shipping Attache Lt.Commander (HCG) Antonios Doumanis, honouring the event. Dr. Geoergina Tsaga, lecturer in Law at the University of Bristol did the two plus hours trip to attend this great lively event.

Smilling faces at the bar; this is what I call a successful event!

Smilling faces at the bar; this is what I call a successful event!

As always it is good to see friends from the past. This time, I was more than pleased to see, after a break of 25 or so years Ioanna Sgoudouropoulou-Karra, wife of Soteris Milisis from Elka Shipping; we had a great time at their table together with Dimitris Chalas and his wife Nassia. Tenia Koroneou, the Deputy Treasurer Kostas Amarantides’ wife was on a great mood entertaining guests, shifting…between two tables! Guests could move from table to table to meet all their friends from the past – and make new too, creating a very warm atmosphere! Over One Hundred attended!

There was a giant TV screen for the F1 (Formula One) the Grand Prix in Spielberg Austria, as the soccer faithful where going to watch the France vs. Iceland …at home…

Sotiris Milisis, his wife ioanna  with the Greek Shipping Attache Captain (HCG) Demosthenes Botsis and his daughter

Sotiris Milisis, his wife Ioanna with the Greek Shipping Attache Captain (HCG) Demosthenes Botsis and his daughter Zetta

Takis Pappas brought his entire family as did many others – Alex Xenakis to begin with and many many others! Takis was also participating at the Trailfinders events during his youth and we eyed some excellent sporty pictures; excellent! On top of everything else, many families’ members come from all over Planet Ocean – from Cyprus, Japan, the US, Scandinavia and of course Greece and all parts of the United Kingdom! It is important to see also a continuation in all parts of the Shipping spectrum from the off-spings of many members. Mentorship too can be easily observed, excellent!

Lastly, one has to mention the excellent, as always, service of the Trailfinders’ personnel at all times with a big smile ready to serve you! They have now become …members of the HESGB family too!

Some of the newly elected and re-elected members of HESGB Governing Committee and friends

Some of the newly elected and re-elected members of HESGB’s Governing Committee and friends

We now look forward to HESGB’s 4th February 2017, the 22nd Annual Ball; until then enjoy the summer wherever you are and ensure you ink your diaries for all other gatherings HESGB is organising. A must to refer to HESGB Secretary Patty Apostolopoulou immense participation and contribution, even if she’s thousand of miles away in the Far East, but she manages to keep us posted for all HESGB and other events! Log on at www.hesgb.com   to find out more!


Viewers can log  here  at  Doc1  and read the full HESGB Governing Committee members for 2016-2018 period.

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