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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

After a long time, the Supras and its respective BSI index gained a double digit plus, 15 (fifteen) points lifting also the BDI at 711; John Faraclas’ daily Market and Geopolitics recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) was up seven points since yesterday standing now at 711 – seven eleven so to speak… thanks to the Supras’ sudden rise!

The Capers continued their fall and the BCI 2014 lost four points (987). Wonder what’s going on with the mighty Capesize vessels…

The Panamaxes’ BPI on a plus ten points …spree inching up at 809 points, and lastly the Handies’ BHSI also on a plus modus gaining two points – better than nothing, now standing at 358 points.

A deep breath from all in the Square Mile and Down Town Akti Miaouli, but as we have stressed in writing: “we need to see the BDI at 2, 000 (two thousand) points”, end of the story!

The Wets continued their downfall; the last published BDT andBCTI stood at 654 (minus 12) and 436 (minus one) respectively.

The price of WTI as these lines are written stands at US$ 46.06, hurray hurray, that a bit of a plus, but let’s wait and see the final closing of the day as Geopolitics might affect this closing- looking though to be slightly upwards…

The Box ships still in disarray, despite the demand for his type of tonnage – being  the best for intermodalism and its respective trade patterns, but…with no money around and the recent all-time low in freight rates don’t expect anything to happen at least for 2016. Everything has gone bust! The credit crunch now bites! Sorry, but this is the harsh reality! There might be some positiveness by the second half of 2017, but this is still a but, and not yet in the cards, as either the major liner companies and the tramp outsiders are still planning or they haven’t understood strategies in a collapsed world  economy. We have mentioned consolidation in the past, but with everybody pulling a long and short to make his view heard, nothing really happens.

On the Geopolitical front, the majority of the European Union is pressing to see the talks on BREXIT begin  since last night. Our advice: Have patience; still very early days. We all await to see the agenda of Mrs. Theresa May as well as other developments.  Mrs. May has Herculian Task to perform and she has to outperform everybody so to save the United Kingdom and offer its citizens what they really deserve! In a shifting-sand platoon or better say in this Tempest, we suggest: KISS – you dead well know what we mean!

Some talk of even a complete break up of the European Union, some reiterate the view that all is needed is to remain an economic bloc with ever being a political entity. Nobody from say Swansea likes any Tom, Dick and Hurry’s view from Strasburg… or Berlin, come on, grow up. The end is approaching… thanks to the inferiority complex of many nations in the European Union.

Grexit, Nexit even Itex Italexit and many exits are on the cards, and Putin’s Russia is on a war foot, eh!!! Be on guard!

The Migrants issue continues to be the number one issue.

China disagrees with the results of the Court ruling in South China Sea… Well well.

Anyway, we will revert tonight and add the latest. Until then, enjoy the aoh to the full.

* In Greek 666 is spelt: νξς’…. hope you remember the meaning…

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