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Despicable terrorist atrocity in Nice

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Now, how do you react to this latest terrorist attack in Nice, France? How does one react given also that it was France’s Independence Day?  I guess the only language the perpetrators of such of an out-of-any-proportion, inhumane terrorist action will definitely understand, is Total Humiliation in their own courtyard, everywhere; John Faraclas’s message to all sides:

Time and again we have alerted all involved in these terrible situations to give up before it is too late. In 90 centum of our daily and weekly comments on our site we ask the world leaders to smash the terrorists here and now!  The political establishment world-wide should stop being trimmers; the religious and minority leaders in all UN nations and beyond must understand that before capital punishment is re-introduced they have to explain clearly to their followers to calm down and stop these terrorist inhumane actions forthwith! A real war against all these culprits might begin out of the blue; people have had enough.

Also those who sell them the techniques and particularly ammunition – both political and actual (shotguns, grenades etc etc), must sit in the dock.  We dead well know who are these people and nations as well as their destabilising programmes. The shit will hit the fan.

We express our sympathy and condolences to the people of Nice and throughout their country, with yesterday being France’s  National Day the 14th of July that was marred by these events, and also we take the opportunity to express our sympathy to all people worldwide for their sufferings – London, New York, Paris, Brussels, Moscow, Bombay to name but a few places which have suffered from brutal terrorist attacks…

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