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Disastrous and Uncertain Shipping Markets and Geopolitics

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

So with the BDI dropping further, Geopolitics in a total mess, and uncertainty governing all over Planet Ocean, take cover in whatever business you are in; shipping being the sector to be mostly affected. John Faraclas’ weekly Market and Geopolitics Recap.

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost today eight points and 27 since last week, now standing at 718 points (745 last week).

  • The Capers BCI 2014 lost 11 points reading 895, but took a three-figure dive of 128 points from 1, 023 points of last week. U n s u s t a i n a b i l t y at its best!
  • The Panamaxes and its respective index the BPI lost 23 points today and stands at 827 points – down 36 points from last Friday’s 863!
  • The Supras  lost three with the BSI now at 698 but gained five form last week’s 693.
  • The Handies …continued their upwards modus gaining four points with the BHSI at 383 and 20 points plus since last week’s 363 points; at least something …positive…

So all in all an uncertain dry market with many dangerous loopholes …err rocky coastline which one has to avoid so as not rocking the boat!

  • The Wets once again with mixed results; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 589 (minus three) and 462 (up three) respectively. On a weekly basis the Dirties lost 31 points (from 620) and the Cleans gained 27 (from 435).-

The price of oil, the WTI, as these lines are written stands at US$ 44.90 – close but under from last week’s US$ 45 and a bit…….

  • The Container trade although in demand needs to get its act together… Difficult years ahead; not just days!

On the Ships Sales and Purchase front the prices are slashed offering unique opportunities, but how many can do it! Some ship-owners renegotiate their loans and rightly so.  That is a good thing to do right now, but looking at the harsh reality many banks will go under!

In a nutshell, and coupled with the very demanding and problematic Geopolitical issues, many from all sides of the equation will be facing the music. William Shakespeare knew well the reasons behind A Midsummer Night’s Dream – try to interpret this with the current situation on Planet Ocean!

On our …”beloved” Geopolitics now:

The MIGRANTS issue remains the most important one; from the beginning of the year nearly 3, 000 have lost their lives trying to reach the promised land of freedom! Shame! Pity! We demand the resignation of all those responsible!

Turkey slides more and more to a state where authoritarianism coupled with religious pathos from at least 80 centum of its agnostic 80 million population will lead to disasters within and outside. CAUTION! Read our yesterday’s report and all those concerning Turkey and you will see / understand where Turkey is heading to… Its hilarious to see prime minister Yildirim repeat the next day what president Erdogan says the previous.

Next door  in Greece. if things don’t change, for sure will go with an overwhelming majority of its people to the GREXIT’s marble door! As for the electoral system, if all political leaders care they must indeed go for a proportional representation, BUT in every constituency, ONLY ONE MP should stand from each party! Only the three centum condition should remain for a party to be eligible to enter parliament; end of the story… People… err politicians should reason amongst them and form coalition governments if they don’t have a comfortable  majority!

The search for the ill-fated MH370 Malaysian Airlines plane ends. A disaster that will be never be forgotten.

Mrs. Lagarde, the head of the IMF, will seat at the dock to defend herself for the Tapie affair. She’s confident; let see that then!

The BREXIT indeed affects not just Europe but the world at large and it remains to be seen how charismatic leader Mrs. May is. We must all support her, given what takes place today in Europe. The United Kingdom can do well and supported with its 1, 6 billion of Commonwealth citizens, can work out miracles and become once again the world’s number one super power; you bet? In the meantime log here to read on the first BREXIT event for shipping.

Other issues in todays news are the on-going Russian athletes ban from the Rio Olympics and let’s see what former Soviet leader  Gorbatšov’s letter can do. Very messy situation with doping, an anathema destroying the Olympic Idea.

India searches for a missing military plane over the Bay of Bengal, the Indian military has released to the media.

In the on-going civil war in Syria, nearly 40 pro-government forces were killed by rebels who blew them up in a tunnel…

53Celcius hit Iraq in the middle of the summer… on top of what takes place there too with ISIS and other functions…


Update / Breaking News

Dreadful events in Munich where at least nine people have been shot dead and many injured in a shopping centre. Still unclear on the motives of this attack, but it looks being a terrorist attack. 

That’s all for the time being; there will be an update later on tonight in case we have further news.

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