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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

You might think otherwise, but given that the same sizes that have fallen yesterday, lost  also today and only one was…up, then I am pretty sure that you too will interpret  same as a “coordinated” fall; don’t ask on Geopolitics where the Diplomatic Corps become corpses… John Faraclas reports:

  • The BDI (The Baltic Dry Index) lost another five points today and now stands at 636 points!
  • The Capers, alike yesterday gained one point and the BCI 2014 stood at 759 points. The only size with a plus, even one point is important and counts!
  • All other sizes lost; the Panamaxes lost seven points and the BPI now reads 641 points.
  • The Supras’ BSI lost six points and now stands at 654;
  • The Handies’ BHSI lost just two points and reads 395.

So all in all, once again a falling dry market. Caution.

  • The Wets too on a falling modus; the last published BDTI (Dirties) lost eight points (now reading 515)  and the BCTI (Cleans) lost one (now reading 458) respectively.
  • The price of WTI, as these lines are written, stands at US$ 41.83 – better than yesterday as below the US$ 40 can create shocks… which in turn will jeopardise the entire energy jargon; mind me it might as well happen…

Some shipowners, both listed and unlisted are having great debates with their banks and the money markets. Those well placed,  with business ethics and great know-how of the shipping adventure, they will succeed; “others” will spectacularly fail, if not now, very soon. Interested parties having seen their attitute is calling their bluff!

Would like to draw your attention to VesselsValue’s team of Valuation Analysts who have put together an excellent and to the point report looking at the Sales  and Purchase  activity in July 2016, providing commentary to how and why values are moving for all ship types.

Headline figures include: $1.6 billion spent on second hand vessels in July 2016 vs $3.1 billion in July 2015, and a net fleet growth of 2 million dwt for the bulker fleet. We would appreciate your comments; please log below and read same:

Monthly Market Overview

Geopolitics: the mess continues in all fronts with the Migrants still being the number one issue; most issues stem from the Migrants saga which is not only the one that enfolds lately – the last ten years, but beyond that! Even last night’s despicable event in London’s Russell Square has its causa proxima on Migrants; sorry, but this is the truth. We will eagerly wait to see the motive and the circumstances of this incident. One woman, Mrs. Darlene Horton, lost her life and five others were injured. Good to see hundreds of Policemen in the Streets of London; a great step towards protecting the public!

More deaths from accidents involving Migrants trying to reach Europe from the Turksih Anatolian Coast and North Africa are reported!

The fight against ISIS continues and good news comes from Egypt where the Army killed, following successful airstrikes, the head of ISIS in Sinai!

President Obama believes ISIS is weakened but still pauses a theat. Our advice, with all due respect is: send the Special Forces in and smash them here and now; don’t leave it too late!

Meantime the presidential race to the White House continues and the combatants have a long way to go; accusations will continue to fly around, a very shameful attitude. Ethics and manners are missing, particularly from Mr. Trump’s side.-

The Syrian despicable war continues and it remains to be seen how the winner will announce its victory; and the cost!

Turkey is being criticised from the one hand by a number of states within and outside the European Union – Europe in general, but also we are not surprised to see others, like the Germans for example using double language… Remember: when Europe is in flames because of Turkey, don’t ask for mercy; we will not offer you this perk… The USA must use all its power and good offices to bring president Erdogan down to his senses before others bring him down to his knees. Russia too must not remain shortsighted either!

As a result of Turkish blackmail, particularly with the Migrants, the Eastern Aegean Greek islands face problems with tourist arrivals.  At a time when Greece’s tourist machine tries its best to level, if possible the winter losses and inactivity, the Migrants create, thanks the Europeans, an unprecedented situation. OK  then, fine: send the lost revenueto the Tourist enterprises there that, because of this Turkish blackmail, lose money!

BREXIT continues to take shape; meanime the lowering of the interest rates offers something! I bet with BREXIT’s success in the  long run. In the meantime, many European Union members will rethink the situation and were same can lead Europe. There are a lot of loopholes and stumbling blocks! Wait and see!

I hope GREXIT too takes place, but above all Greece needs the electoral system we have proposed: Proportional Represnetation, one candidate per party per constituency. The 300 MP’s to be reduced to 200. The 3 centum minimum entry threshold to remain and voting shoud remain at 18!!! (yes eighteen). This  is the most important reform and will give an end to the clientelle-state-party governance.-

The entire Far East region due to the North Koreans, but also due to the Chinese, is in a state of alert as never witnessed before!

Be cautious for the ANC in South Africa cannot have the comfort it enjoyed in the past. These elections and its result will be very decisive!

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio are about to begin and the IOC has cleared   70% of the Russian team! This is great news because we all expect a tit-for-tat soon….

That’s all for today, tomorrow the weekly major recap follows; until then have a good night!

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