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Former First Sea Lord backs new security drive

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Sir Nigel Essenhigh

Sir Nigel Essenhigh

A former British First Sea Lord has backed The Maritime Group International’s (TMG) new security drive to meet rapidly changing threats worldwide.

Admiral Sir Nigel R Essenhigh has hailed the company’s new partnerships with UK-based firms State 21 Ltd and Bowline Defence Ltd.

The Maritime Group (TMG) is an international maritime services company and consultancy with its head office in Seattle and regional offices in Honolulu and London.

Sir Nigel said: “In today’s world of increasing uncertainty it is good to see The Maritime Group International concentrating a broad range of marine and port security services under its banner.

“TMG have enhanced their own security offering by bringing in State 21 Ltd and aligning with the international security provider Bowline Defence Ltd, both UK registered companies.

“I know the TMG partners through the Honourable Company of Master Mariners as two of the directors are Liverymen, one a Past Master, and one of their UK offices is in HQS Wellington in London.

“I can thoroughly recommend the professionalism and ethos of those directors and I share their vision to provide a range of flexible and responsive security services in today’s rapidly changing world.”

Sir Nigel served as Great Britain’s First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff from 2001 to 2002.

The new partnerships mark further expansion for TMG, a global consortium of maritime service companies, marine consultancies and marine management businesses.

Risk management and security services company Bowline Defence is based in London with operations worldwide.

Resilience management consultancy, State 21 brings nearly 100 years of police experience on and off the water.

The new partnerships immensely boost the capabilities of TMG’s Maritime Risk Consulting Division.

Visit www.the-maritime-group.comwww.bowlinedefence.com andwww.state21.co.uk for more details.

About TMG:

The Maritime Group, Inc. was first formed in 1990 in the USA by Captain John M Cox. The Maritime Group International now has regional offices in Seattle, Honolulu, Brisbane, Singapore and London. The London Office was set up in 2004 by Captain Malcolm W Parrott after he retired from 26 years’ service with Sea Containers, both at sea and in senior managerial and executive positions.

It is a global consortium of marine consultancies, management companies and maritime professionals with many years of experience in ship operations at sea and ashore.

TMG has worked with a variety of clients, such as major shipping groups, port operators and government agencies worldwide.

As a world-class maritime consultancy, TMG provides solutions for businesses to meet their targets from conception and planning through to operations and management.

Its experts include marine engineers, port civil engineers, port planners, port operators, economists, environmentalists, financial experts, maritime lawyers, ship brokers, traffic experts, naval architects, port architects, surveyors for ports and vessels, marketing experts, security experts and IT experts.

Its services include marine consultancy; operational and business advice; bid development, management and support; safety and security at sea; ship brokerage and port development and marketing. TMG are currently working on projects for Serco Limited, the Scottish Government, the Councils of the Orkney and Shetland Islands, the Gujarat Maritime Board, India and a number of smaller projects including a number of expert witness assignments for maritime litigation cases.

Other services include port operation and management; cargo and freight operations; maritime business development; ship inspections, audits and vetting; technical services and litigation services and expert witness.

Its London office is at HQS Wellington, Temple Stairs, Victoria Embankment, London.

Call 0800 9551792 and visit www.tmgeurope.co.uk for more information.

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