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Capers’ Markets and Messy Geopolitics

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

With the volatile Capers …”dominating” the “rise” in the Markets and Geopolitics –  as per our written prediction of getting far worse, the situation is more than serious; John Faraclas’ daily report is a strong warning to all:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) closed with a plus of 36 points earlier on today reaching the 836 points thanks, once again to the volatile Capers gaining 173 points and  making the BCI 2014 breath at 1,853. This by no means that the Markets are as good and firm as the Capers’ figures tell … on the contrary!

One size doesn’t fit all and conversely one size doesn’t dictates the markets! CAUTION!!!

The Panamaxes with just a four points plus ended the day with the BPI reading 650…

The Supras’ BSI managed to gain only one point standing now at 661…

The Handies’ BHSI also one point plus… drop by drop reaching the 416 points.

A stranded Dry Market irrespective the Capers’ 173 plus points. Don’t get fooled…

The Wets and the last published BDTI and BCTI produced 561 (plus six) and 383 (minus three) respectively.

The price of WTI close at US$ 43 – similar with that of last Friday, prepares for surprises!

Moreover the Energy Jargon creates yet another interesting situation; see the latest EIRA reports !

A lot of gossip on the box-ships with many talking of a real disaster; we shall see…. Nothing can be ruled out particularly in this market. Those who believe that the Hanjin disaster is a blessing, let’s see how they will respond at the end of the year!

There are more bankruptcies coming up soon; take cover! There more maritime fraud cases to surface too – it’s going to be a very interesting winter… yet this is the best ever buyers’ market to acquire tonnage of all types and basically it is better to order low priced, double eco ships if  can you obtain funds. Be optimistic! This market is for strong nerves and patience!

The Geopolitical front produced exactly what we have predicted and have prepared you all all along!

The MIGRANTS issue not even went worse, it might create such troubles for all, totally irreversible! See what happened last week in the Greek Island of Chios in the Eastern Aegean.

See what happened earlier on tonight in the adjacent island of Lesvos; fire that might ignite a “wild fire” to engulf all. CAUTION.

Pleased to read that Mrs. Merkel accepts her gross mistakes in her estimation and projection on how to tackle from day one the Migrants; do please resign Mrs. Merkel here and now! No one really cares on your popularity and the loss of voters for your party in two recent consecutive elections. Europe had enough from your wrong policies. Admitting your wrong doing is in reality pathetic! The same applies on the way you and your government behaves against the Greek people and others in Europe! The Greek PM Alexis Tsipras tries hard in the UN to explain his position on the MIGRANTS after he and his coalition Government made it a mess when they had ample time following respective warnings; the rest are trimmers’ excuses! The harsh reality is that the Greek people pay the damage as well as the Italians and others. Now the morons are sending Migrants as far as to Canada… pathetic! These are not humanitarian schemes; this is nonsense, wake up before it is too late.

The ceasefire in Syria and the events there proved verbatim our predictions – not just our fears (read our reports and see the end result). Wonder if one day things take a swing against all the coalition forces and the excuses for the wrong air bombardment turns to another also terrorist wide scale attack. There is no clear mandate whom to attack and given that Turkey blackmails all in the region makes it even worse. The Americans must get their act together; equally the Russians as the wrath from the public will act against them indiscriminately. We all want to see the ISIS bastards finished off, but some hidden entities are continuously re-arming them in multitude ways and means; being in the Army – having done an interesting military service, enables me to have the upper hand in understanding what’s next…

The latest terrorist attacks in the USA – New York and Minnesota over the weekend, although low in scale are indeed bad news. How these latest incidents are affecting the race to the White House it will soon surface. Shame for what has happened.

We all hope that the British PM Mrs. Theresa May will do what’s needed for the United Kingdom and beyond on the issue of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Her speech at the UN was one of the best ever delivered and heard on the issue; calling for a global clampdown on uncontrolled migration, stressing the fact that all countries have the right and duty to control their borders. In this UN summit in New York she called the Migrant crisis exacerbated and unprecedented vis-a-via the numbers of economic Migrants.

With just over of 65 mio Migrants, Refuges or whatever one terms these human beings and the current Syrian, Africa, Sub-Continent, Iraqi, Somali, Eritrean and Afghani saga the politicians and the Armed Forces MUST make and not brake as we will slide in an all-out war due to the Migrants with incalculable repercussions!

The estimates talk for 65.3 million people being either refugees, asylum seekers or internally displaced at the end of 2015, an increase of five million in a year.

The BREXIT begins to take a better shape and we can see that Europe and in particularly the Visegrad states, amongst others, have other thoughts on Britain leaving the Union. Now BREXIT hurts them all… and let’s see the Passporting rights in Banking for example…

The Paralympics in Rio, Brazil are over and China was the clear winner with the United Kingdom in second place, Ukraine in third, the USA just short of a medal to claim third position and Australia in fifth; well done. We now wait the Russian counter on other nations’ athletes vis-à-vis doping!

Greece gets more into mess. GREXIT is the only way out! All 300 MP’s are in disarray as of what to do and save Greece. Many disputes in all fronts, be it the Banking Sector, Fraud, The TV licensing, you name it. On top of everything else we have COSCO towing a 300,000 tonnes floating dock for the PPA (Piraeus Port Authority -OLP) and serve its own ships as well as those of her clients and others under the COSCO Group umbrella, AND to lure the Greek shipowners and managers. Enough with all this. Let the EU lift all the mess with the Hellenic Shipyards (Scaramanga yard) and order the arrest of all those who rocked the Shipyards. We would like to see Greece’s biggest scandal to be sorted out, even if this means that many Politicians and Unionists (in Greece and abroad)  as well as others end up for the rest of their lives behind the bars! This is the World’s Biggest Shipyards Scandal and beyond going over and above the US$ 5 (five) billion in damages!!! Meantime Greece is being also attacked by the EU over the Greek Tonnage Tax from Brussels. It’s better for Brussels to see the real shipping tax dodgers and leave the Greeks alone. Greeks pay for example more than their German counterparts…and others too. Let’s check this live on TV!

President Putin’s backed party won comfortably in the Russian elections over the weekend and this gives him another mandate in all fronts – internal and external to act as he pleases!

Rami Malek born in the USA but from parents emanating from Egypt, won the Emmy Award for the best male leading actor in his role in a drama; a very good Mr. Robot! Bravo as this was also the first time in 18 years for an ethnic minority actor to claim this!

That’s all for tonight, enjoy your evening and be alerted from what else is yet to come on the world stage; we live, as said many times, in interesting times!

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