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EIRA on the Energy jargon

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George Hatziioannou, EIRA's editor

George Hatziioannou, EIRA’s editor

George Hatzioannou, EIRA’s editor writes:

What are the most likely repercussions for South East Europe’s energy security after the somewhat ambiguous reconciliation between Ankara and Moscow has re-activated the Turkish Stream pipeline project? Will it challenge EU energy directives? Will it drive another wedge into the alliance of nations loyal to the concept of an ‘energy union’ and undermine solidarity? Does it really matter or it is not worth consideration? Is it a challenge or an opportunity?

EIRA attempts to assess the risks of the Ankara-Moscow energy relations, as well as the recent developments in the energy sector of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Libya.

Herewith EIRA’s Newsletter – Vol 4 Issue 8-9 : EIRA Newsletter Vol 4 Issue VIII-IX

For more information please visit eiranews.com.


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