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Nicolas Bornozis

Nicolas Bornozis

Capital Link lead by the Bornozis – Nicolas and Olga, keep the wind of optimism for shipping’s survival alive!

Coverage of all sectors of the industry with one of the most comprehensive ever forums the Square Mile has ever witnessed, given that all sectors were duly represented and covered. Anny Zade reports.

We will soon bring you all the presentations and deliberations that took place today at One Moorgate Place, the HQ’s of the ICAEW, the venue where most of Capital Link’s events take place over the last four years. Good to see so many attendees from all over Planet Oceans, especially youngsters and students.

We were fortunate to have at the end of a tense, but very interesting day Nicolas Bornozis live with John Faraclas recapitulating the event in the short video that follows:

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