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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

So what do we need to see in Breaking the Market and Geopolitical Impulse? Simply an asymmetrical chain of domino effect events – both good and bad. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

At 922 the BDI remains still buoyant and one shouldn’t complain as,  those who managed to get the …ticket to ride further, are still hoping. There will be only “hope”  though for the very very very few to go ahead, trust me – we are adamant on this! From February’s 2016  lowest ever point of 290 points to 922 of today, where the BDI is stuck since yesterday, it is something which we have to be thankful for and not to ignore, as it is from 2008 until today, nearly eight years ever since the first fall from the 1,000 point threshold, the BDI – with a sort lived exemption period, that the dry markets are  s u f f e r i n g !!! This is the longest ever crisis and all got it wrong except this medium and obviously the undersigned who prepared the world for the worst ever Shipping and Global Crisis coupled with a peculiar recession since July 2008.

The events that will follow soon on Geopolitics will determine the Markets, both Dry and Wet; be on guard and hope you have done your Risk Assessment with appropriate options and plans…

The Capers’ BCI 2014 remained the same at 2,235 points…

The Panamaxes though gained another 16 points, so altogether 28 since last Friday bringing the BPI up to 745 points; well done!

The Supras’ BSI lost one point now standing at 676, and the Handies too a minus one reading 409 points.

So all in all a stagnant Dry Market.

The Wets, even without the rise on the WTI, have gone a bit both ways. The last published BDTI (Dirties) and the BCTI (Cleans) closed 626 – up five and 357 – down three points respectively.

The price of WTI just on the US 51 mark… falling or…The expectations  are for US$ 60… We shall see. Too many manipulations from the superpowers despite the hiccups amongst them; they do play with humanity’s nerves! Shame!

The same situation,  as in last week, remains with the Containerships as well as with all involved in the Liner Trade…

On the Geopolitical front the hype and mess continues:

The MIGRANTS issue continues to create tensions, social discontent and political upheaval to an extent that freezes the relationship between people within the same society in all countries of Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Needless to say it has already destroyed the existing bonds between state and citizen! Despite the so called measures by FRONTEX and others by NATO, as well as by “local” EU governments and in North Africa too, there are still MIGRANTS coming from Turkey to Greece via hte Greek Eastern Aegean Islands and conversely to the European Union; same applies from the Northern Africa coast to Italy. Shame to all politicians involved; end of the story! Expect chaos very soon with despicable developments.

Turkey is of course to blame for the majority of the MIGRANTS sad saga, as its leaders continue to blackmail all! On top of everything else, the latest close affair with Russia dynamites the situation in the entire region. I guess that NATO and the European Union have got it completely wrong! Putin and Erdogan can cause an inferno in the region. For the pipes shake, the Pipes of Peace – as same where introduced / branded on the 9th of July 2015 at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens during the Energy forum there under the auspices of Lafazanis’ Ministry of Energy etc etc (he was the then minister) – will become the most messy pipelines of all. We prompted by putting forward a question both to the Russian speaker and Lafazanis on how come these pipelines can become the Pipelines of Peace between Greece and Turkey when every day, as a minimum equilibrium, five violations of Greece’s  (AND Europe’s) airspace is being “performed” by Turkey… We are very much concerned about this affair with these particular “bedfellows”…

Turkey continues to be an unstable nation and continues to bully every single nation in the region; after all, Turkey being a new kid in the block – per the famous American expression, in the sphere of Eastern Mediterranean and continues its Asiatic aggressive behaviour. CAUTION! CAUTION as the latest Turkish remarks about the Treaty of Lausanne can cause an all-out war in the region!

The war in Syria continues and it is who has really the upper hand there. It is laughable when the French president accuses the Russians for their policy and actions there, reactions to show off… In any event, Putin prompted Hollande and cancelled his Paris visit due for the end of this month, where amongst others he was going to open a new Orthodox church! All in all, if the Syrian saga doesn’t end here and now, and the more same is prolonged, it will produce anathema!

Greece continues to be in a mess due to petty party politics by all in the Greek parliament. As we have warned you, expect messy developments… Greece has a double problem: one forms from  within and an external one by the enemies of Greece seeing to exterminate the entire Greek Nation. We can prove this live on a Five Star TV station to anyone it objects our view and we will produce the evidence. How about that, eh! The Greek people had enough and one shouldn’t overstay his/her welcome with the Greeks! The latest behaviour with Greece stumbling towards European Union cash in the latest bailout, is yet another stabbing of Greece’s people. Yesterday’s meeting in Luxembourg, were we also despatched members of our team, ended  with the 19 Eurozone finance ministers unable to agree for another Euros 1,7 billion; only Euros 1,1 billion where approved from the total Euros 2,8 billion due… whose fault was it?

In the United Kingdom, the BREXIT issue continues in all fronts! The oxymoron though happened with pound falling to historic lows today- at one point it was 1.21 to the USDollar and 1.10 to the Euro… but the FTSE on records high: at one point it reached 7,129.83 to settle at 7,070.88… The Oil too was a factor, but we suggest caution with any oil dealings… We can see that despite the USA – Russian animosity, they have managed to find a mutual acceptable way on oil prices and quotas; what a hype. We insist that oil remains below the US$ 50 mark, as otherwise it will backfire. Raise the interest rates then… how about that, eh! BREXIT, hard or soft will be painful for all, but remember what we have said: Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!

The Borders issue too is a major one. Control, yes! Having said that this can only be performed with ethical and national criteria as the social cohesion must be saved!

BREXIT will benefit the entire United Kingdom and the Commonwealth factor must be resurrected!

At the other side of the Atlantic Mrs. Clinton is only now just ahead of Donald Trump. Never ever before politics come down to this level… as we have witnessed from TV; and there is more to come!

We shall revert a bit later if there is something of importance…

Until then, have a nice evening and be on guard.

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