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Monthly Olympic Sailing Newsletter

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NACRA 17 12102016Relive the emotions of the Nacra 17 Medal Race 

In This Newsletter

Spotting Trends at the Junior World Championships
As the Junior World Championships continue to become a more important part of sailor development, you can be sure performance managers around the globe will continue to watch out for trends.  This year marks the first year… read on…

Another Iteration of the Sailing World Cup
World Sailing announced another shift in the Sailing World Cup schedule of events for 2017 through 2020.  The schedule delivers on a number of promises made while showcasing that World Sailing has not fully dropped their ISAF ways… read on

Nacra 17 – 49er & 49erFX Classes tie up behind the scenes
Over the summer the Nacra 17 class arranged to bring in 49er leadership to lead them as well.  The Nacra 17 Class President is now Marcus Spillane and the Nacra 17 class manager is now Ben Remocker, mirroring the set up the 49er Class has had since 2012.

“I am extremely honored to now lead the Nacra 17 class, an event with tremendous potential.  Together with the 49er family, these sailors have so much in common and the racing is so exciting, I can’t wait to help create great racing and a great fan product within the world of sailing.”  Marcus Spillane

Nacra 17 EGM – To Foil or Not to Foil
On October 17th voting will begin for Nacra 17 class members on the future of the event.  Among a few housekeeping questions around the class constitution, is a question over the direction the class for 2020.  Sailors will get a chance to recommend to World Sailing and Nacra copy write holders if they wish to adopt the fully foiling set up or remain with the C foils that were used in Rio 2016.  Initial video of the first test sails on the mk2 Nacra 17 available here.

Female 49erFX and Nacra 17 Sailors soon to be in High Demand
The Volvo Ocean Race announced a change to how crew members can be assembled providing the first true path to professionalism after Olympic involvment for female sailors.  We’re betting that with the success 49er sailors have had at all pro levels, the 49erFX and Nacra 17 females will be in high demand for their go fast skills and super strength, see the announcement here.

Junior Skiff Teams to Make Loop to North America in 2017
The 49er class is proud to team up with CORK (in Kingston, Canada) for the 2017 edition of the Junior World Championship.  The event will be held back to back with the North American Championship, providing two regattas for Junior Teams to compete in while on the one trip.  Kingston is an amazing place to sail in a beautiful University town with great winds.  It was the sailing venue for the 1976 Olympic Games and has been running regattas ever since.  Team will be abel to ship to Kingston following the Delta Lloyd regatta and return in time for the European Championships.  Catch the most up to date schedule information at the 49er events page.

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