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EGYPTIAN Maritime Cluster – a strong plan is developing!

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A view from the event

A view from the event

A gathering of important and diversified stakeholders, working within or with the maritime industry of Egypt have met for 1.5 day in Alexandria, Egypt to discuss the development and formation of a strong maritime cluster in Egypt.

The meeting was the first step of a cluster project jointly agreed to by the Alexandria Chamber of Shipping,
Egypt (in partnership with ITOLEAD Consulting/MarconHouse Partner) and the Danish Embassy in Cairo –
being facilitated by Mr. Steen Sabinsky, MD of MaritimeBusiness.dk/MarconHouse partner, an expert in
managing and developing Maritime Clusters.

The headline of the workshop was “Find possible growth areas, across the maritime industry in Egypt, with
knowledge transfer from the Danish Maritime Cluster, how to establish a maritime cluster”.

All the stakeholders at the two days’ workshop came up with over 30 ideas, what an Egyptian maritime
cluster could facilitate, be catalyst of and coordinate. In addition to that, the first drawings of the strong
Egypt Maritime Cluster, important stakeholders, strengths and area for development were established.

The 8 top development activities, which this cluster could facilitate and co-ordinate was found as follows:

  • HR with training, education, upgrading of qualification and competence for the work force in the maritime Egypt.
  • Shipbuilding, repair, maintenance, recycling (scrapping of ships) and shipyards.
  • Ship owning/ships operators
  • Logistic center / supply chain
  • Suez Canal Logistic area, with bunkering areas, terminals and sludge treatment
  • Container repair / manufacturing
  • Offshore & Rigs

The next cluster development meeting is expected to be in Ismalia at the beginning of December with the
aim of further development of the cluster and evaluating projects, funding and new innovation.

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